8 Suggestions for Making a Sex Tape

photo by sskennel

Thinking of playing a little very candid camera with your other half? Engaging in your own sexual shoot, whether as the star or the director or both, can automatically make things more dramatic and theatrical, even if you end up keeping most of your clothes on or refuse to make any cliched “orgasm faces.” But, without thinking things through, the results can be unflattering, embarrassing, or even publicly humiliating (think John Edwards). So take heed:

  1. Only do it with someone you trust with your life. Or at least someone you have incriminating dirt on so you have something to bargain with should they threaten to release your video to the public.
  2. That said, you probably shouldn’t make a sex tape unless you’re okay with it ending up online. You just never know.
  3. You don’t have to look, sound, or act like a porn star or producer to whip out a video camera during your next romp in the bedroom. So don’t stress about “dialogue” or dirty talk — just do your thing. The mere fact that you’re taping the act will feel dirty enough.
  4. You don’t have to include your full bodies in the shot. You don’t even have to show anything that dirty. Try a cool angle, like from the head of the bed (but remember, never from below lest you look like beached whales) or a close head-&-shoulders crop: the focus can be on your expressions, your sounds, and the intimacy of the moment. Or shoot everything but your faces.
  5. Along the same lines of less is more, if you have any body parts you’re self conscious about, then by all means use an item of clothing, a blanket, a pillow, dramatic chiaroscuro lighting, or your partner to hide them.
  6. Turn on the night-vision feature — it obscures imperfections and creates a funky, sci-fi look. Plus, you can shoot entirely in the dark, which is a tequila-free method of loosening inhibitions.
  7. If your squeaky mattress gives the video a slapstick feel, then cut the sound and replace it with your favorite in-the-mood song. (A million Hollywood directors can’t be wrong.)
  8. To be on the safe side, consider erasing all incriminating evidence immediately afterwards. And no, that doesn’t defeat the purpose: Creating a naughty video together is more about the process than the end result. Plus, if you delete it immediately, there’s no chance that Aunt Mabel will accidentally stumble upon your “art” when she’s nosily scrolling through your camera at the family reunion.

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  1. Making your own tape can surely be exciting, but Sarah, I’d be careful about your quarreling though, if he ever threatens to spread vids over the net. You have to trust each other completely. It’s probably better for you to delete it altogether after you videotaped it if this is a problem.

    In our case it was actually my girlfriend that asked if we could make tape in the first place, despite that she’s also not completely comfortable with the way she looks. She doesn’t want to show herself completely naked on tapes, but she covers up a bit by wearing a skirt and top.

  2. For my boyfriends birthday, I got him a camcorder, mainly for the purpose of making our own videos (and of course for our child). I wasnt too sure about it at first, but the more and more we make our own vidoes, the more I get turned on by it. We had a great sex life before, and it just made it more interesting. Although im not comfortable with the way I look…..he is, and he makes me comfortable with myself. I think that if you trust the person…..go for it, its a great way to spice things up….also….toys are great to use in the videos too.
    Now, the only problem I have had is when we do fight, that is the first thing that he throws in my face, that he is gonna spread them all over the net, but, I know him well enough, and I know that he would never do that.

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