A Dating Site for People Who Can’t Have Intercourse

In contrast to the above post title, the title of the Time article we just read said “A New Dating Site for People Who Can’t Have Sex.” These are two very different things: you can have sex without having intercourse (hello, oral, manual, frottage, etc), but if you can’t have sex then that implies you can’t do anything sexual. We thought this new dating site, 2date4love, was for people who can’t or don’t want to have any (or much) sex, be it because of illness, faulty equipment, low libido, asexuality, age, past trauma, religious reasons, or whatever. But it turns out the site is targeted at people who can’t have intercourse (says so right on the homepage).

The founder Laura Brashier is a cancer survivor who’s treatment took a toll on her body, leaving her unable “to function sexually the way [she] used to.” But according to Time, she (and one assumes her intended members) are still interested in sex:

Brashier, for her part, is quick to point out that no intercourse doesn’t mean no sex at all. Friends have questioned her about the business model, asking, “You can do other things, right?” To which Brashier responds: “Well, yeah!”

We actually like the idea of a site that gets everyone on the same page immediately so those awkward conversations don’t have to be fretted over (same idea with the plethora of dating sites for people with herpes). But it seems like Brashier is limiting her potential pool of members by focusing only on the intercourse-challenged. There are plenty of people out there who are interested in romantic relationships but not so much in sex — and not necessarily because they can’t have sex, but because they don’t want to.

Gotta go — we’ve got a new business plan to write up!

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  1. This site a Scam i signed up paid and did my profile then it couldn’t sign in for no reason at all total scam don’t do it.

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