Anal, Orgasms and Advertising

photo by rhys alton

One of the most popular and commented-on posts is about strap-on sex. It’s not exactly a point of pride for us. We’re much more about the happy feel-good feminist relationship posts. And we worry that this prominent butt-sex mention is what keeps the advertisers away (of course, it could be the vibrators we peddle in our sidebar). But then we see Bank of America and Bing ads right along side Slate’s article “Riddle of the Sphincter,” about the correlation between anal sex and orgasms for women, and we can’t help but think “No fair!” Fair or not, we must admit it’s a fascinating article — one that’s been among their top read pieces all month.

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  1. i want to buy a strap on and have a proper threesome with a women and my bf lol just curiosity i suppose

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