Best Walk of Shame Accessory Ever

Okay, so the marketing materials for these shoes don’t specifically mention walks of shame, but we are not afraid to point out the obvious. Because the only thing worse than a walk of shame on a Sunday morning in a glittery short dress is doing that walk of shame in a pair of heels that are killing you. But who wants to hit the town with a pair of sneakers in their bag? Not to mention how presumptuous your bulky overnight bag might seem to someone you’re chatting up at the bar. Why don’t you just bring your blankie while you’re at it?

Foldable ballet flats to the rescue! These shoes — the brainchild of two young single New York ladies, natch — fold up (CitySlips) or roll up (AfterSoles) into a little pouch the size of a make-up kit. And that pouch then expands into a handy tote for your heels the next morning.

The squeaky clean marketing materials also mention that you can switch into the faux-leather flats on the dance floor, at a wedding, or on your way home from the office or a dinner party. But we, your dirty minds in residence, would like to induct them into our Regrettable One-Night Stands Hall of Fame.

(Of course, Lo would like to point out that you could do yourself and your feet a favor and not go out for the night in shoes that cause you actual pain, thus avoiding the need to carry around any walk-of-shame accessory in the first place.)


  1. Megan: We forgot to mention in our write-up: The bag that the roll-up shoes come in expands into a little carrier bag for your heels once you’ve made the switch.

  2. If this product can be used for the walk of shame… what do you do with the high heels that you originally wore? Walking in flats but carrying the heels from the night before seems pointless, just suck it up.

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