Comment of the Week: Communication Is Overrated

photo by david.nikonvscanon

Johnny, commenting in the post “Your Call: BF Used to Have Sex on Table Where We Eat”:

No good comes of “telling each other everything.” That’s’ a recipe for past-sex-life-resentment (unless, like me, you’re a perv who gets off on hearing these things; most people…aren’t that way). Some things are best kept to oneself. Whatever happened to a little mystery, anyway? “Communication” and “sharing” and “openness” have become knee-jerk prescriptions for all relationship complicatons. Call me an old-school, but I think some things are best left unsaid. [If] you asked a question you didn’t want the answer to – that’s your bad. Now suffer in silence. You’ll get over it.


  1. I feel rather similarly.
    I don’t mind being honest, but there are some things that nothing good will come from knowing.
    For example, I won’t tell a guy how many people I’ve slept with. What good is that number? I might mention them all in conversation, I’m not hiding anything. But only bad things can happen from telling someone flat out how many people you’ve slept with (unless, as mentioned, you’re into that)

  2. I’m a big fan of Johnny’s comments. I may not always agree with him, but I appreciate and enjoy his “straight from the hip” honesty. This time, I do agree with him. She will indeed suffer (although I doubt it will be in silence) and this “good” relationship is headed for a fall, because boyfriend is going to get sick of her obsessing on something so ridiculous.

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