Comment of the Week: More Penis Empowerment

SP, commenting on “My Boyfriend Has a Small Penis”:

Guys, really, 5″ isn’t a small penis! It’s average; no woman in her right mind would look at you and feel short changed.  I can’t believe more than 1% of all women out there would think 5″ is too small. I had no idea so many of you [guys] feel this much pain about this issue. That was tough to read, especially since I know your dick size doesn’t matter! Don’t believe the hype!


  1. For what it’s worth to all you guys out there worrying about size (and God knows, my husband comments on it a lot, as in, he thinks he could be bigger, when it looks plenty big to me), here are my memories from the high school and college years before I got married: While I have many memories of the sex, and how it was with different partners, I have NO idea what their penises looked like! You might find this strange, but given that this was college dating, not living together, rooms tended to be dark during sex, so I didn’t get much chance to really see anything, but there was plenty of “feeling,” and to be honest, they all felt about the same, I never once thought about size, or compared one to the other. What I did compare was how I felt during each encounter, as some definitely weren’t as rewarding as others. Any doubters out there, go check out Betty Dodson’s blog, she has a video up at the moment that has some good points, size wise. And what she says is very true (for me at least)…nice hands, clean, well-groomed fingernails, women definitely think about what you could be doing with those… 🙂

  2. lol this reminds me of the most inappropriate christmas present I ever saw given.. my sister gave my brother (then about 13) the puppetry of the penis book
    on the logic that he has stretchy skin so he could do some of the tricks in it.. not unsurprisingly (to everyone but my sister at least) he was mortified.. no 13 year old boy wants a book of amusingly manipulated full grown (tho not in a turgid way) penis pics ever and particularly not from a sibling! :0P

  3. One big problem is that most guys just don’t have anything to compare theirs with. If you’re a straight man, where are you going to see erect penises? In porn, and that’s probably it. The average for a porn star has to be 7-8 inches, which must leave a lot of otherwise average or above-average guys feeling inferior.
    Perhaps the solution is an educational book of penis pictures. But that’s not your ideal Christmas gift.

  4. It’s not that men with smaller penises are unable to satisfy women. It’s not even that all or most women think a big penis feels better.

    It’s that a great big phallus is a powerful, primal image. It’s impressive, like an obelisk. It’s symbolic. It strikes awe and envy into all who behold it. Look around the art of the pre-Christian world – big ol’ dongs adorning everything.

    That’s why I think that in spite of evidence that most women prefer an average to slightly-large member in terms of sensation, the whole world is still obsessed with dick size.

  5. Penis size doesn’t really matter when it comes to satisfying a woman, considering the clitoris needs to be stimulated for her to orgasm.

    There are sexual positions that a man with a three inch penis can do to stimulate the clit, like the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT).

    But you know how men are… we’re a proud sex with big ego’s and we want to make sure our manhood measures up.

    If it makes a man feel better, he has options. He can go through surgery or he can perform penis enlargement exercises (I’ve gained some size from them myself).

    A traction device aka extender can help as well. Here, read this, should be enlightening:

    “What Devices can I use to make my Penis Bigger?”

  6. I have an idea for a new type of public service. We need a very attractive young person to walk around the city, telling young men essentially that comment. Self esteem would rise, and hopefully a lot of guys would open up to the possibility that they don’t have to jackhammer to make their partner happy. I think it has potential.

    Great comment.

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