Comment of the Week: Size Really Doesn’t Matter. Really.

Barb, on the post “My New Boyfriend Has a Small Penis”:

I went from dating a very well endowed man to dating a, well, not so well endowed man. I was shocked at first too. He was without a doubt the smallest man I had ever dated. To my amazement, he was also the most gifted lover I have ever had. His insecurity over his penis size caused him to really work on his other skills. Our relationship ended a few months ago and I still find my mind wandering back to our love making sessions. I never think of Mr. Well Endowed. It’s true what the ladies tell you guys: “It’s not what you have but how you use it.”


  1. I can’t believe people still are confused about this topic. I’ve slept with enough women and have read probably 20 articles about this topic, and here’s the summary:

    – Most women do not care about size, as long as the man understands how to “satisfy” her with their hands, mouth, or “using” whatever sized unit they have (assuming 5 inches or longer).
    – Some women don’t like huge unit – it apparently hurts (seems reasonable). Other women love it. Sorta like how some women like bondage, or getting spanked, while others don’t…there are personal preferences here.
    – Generally speaking, 4 inches or smaller is probably pushing the “too small” category, so you boys better learn some other skills.
    – Conversely, I think 8 inches or longer could be deemed too much for your average 5’5″ lady, so you boys might have a harder time finding a perfect “fit” as well.

    I’m happy with my 6 inches, but still have learned the requisite oral/spanking/spooning skills. And most of the women I’ve slept with in relationships have been open to booty calls post-relationship, so I think I’m doing ok.

    Boys – don’t be lazy…make SURE your women achieve orgasms. You want them to keep coming back for more, right?

  2. Size does matter. I just ended a relationship with someone who had a small unit. Even though he was very gifted in other areas I still felt like something very important was missing. It just wasn’t cutting it for me. I always felt that I wasn’t quite satisfied even though I always faked like I was. As the days go by and I do miss sex, I am happy that I don’t have to feel frusterated by “almost” and very happy I will be out with at leaset average sized units and satisfied.

  3. That is very true. My man now has a good sized penis but I have had bigger but it just doesn’t matter with how he works it!!! It’s so much better than with a bigger one, it seems like he fits perfectly inside of me.

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