Comment of the Week: There’s No Such Thing As TMI with STDs

megaphone_blowhornphoto by altemark

It’s quite arrogant to think you have the right to minimize any STD. It is true that millions of Americans have HPV, it is true that some people’s immune systems are able to kick it… BUT what about all the rest of the people who have to suffer with it for the rest of their lives? What of the women who may get cervical cancer from one of the really nasty strains? NO person has the right to decide for someone else what kind of risks are acceptable… We are individuals and thus have to respect each individual’s views and concerns for their own bodies. Part of respecting other people’s rights to dictate what happens to their bodies is treating that person with respect by giving the person ALL the facts about what they’re getting into. (No pun intended.) YOU may not feel like HPV is a serious disease, but they might — or not. You don’t know and you haven’t the right to decide for them whether they should be concerned or not. If this question was concerning AIDS, this wouldn’t even be an issue. We all know that information has to be disclosed, for not disclosing such is akin to manslaughter. Why [should] it be any different for any other STD?

Spes, on the post “Do I Have to Tell My Partner I Have HPV?”


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