Comment of the Week: Unpacking the Sexual Misconduct of Unattractive Male Celebrities

Reliable commenter Dave had some provocative thoughts on the motivation behind some of these acts of sexual misconduct. [Note: his comments have been collated and edited for concision]:

I’m sure the reasons behind the actions of [many of the male celebrities being accused of sexual misconduct lately] vary widely, but I do find it interesting that most of these people are “unattractive.”

They are not the types of people that beautiful women would be attracted to in normal life. Sure, there is no doubt they could have some beautiful women on their arm thanks to their fame and fortune. But they aren’t necessarily the women these guys want.

I think that plays a large part in the behaviors of these men. They have reached a certain level of wealth and fame and yet still cannot attract every woman they’re attracted to. But, being guys — rich and famous guys, especially — they see a woman they desire and begin to think they are entitled to dating her, that she should welcome their advances.

In the case of Charlie Rose, his apology contained something to the effect of “I’m sorry, I thought the attraction was mutual.” Oh, I get it: You thought these women were attracted to you and so you just whip out your dick! Yeah, that works in porn films but in real life you might consider saying: ”I find myself attracted to you and I’m wondering if you feel the same way?” Isn’t that really the way to test the waters?

But many men have a difficult time being rejected, so as these guys encounter more and more rejections, they begin to act out in these outlandish ways…and their wealth and fame seems to protect them from their actions. (Joe Average would quickly find himself being arrested or beaten up!)

And don’t discount the anger factor. Unattractive guy becomes rich and famous and some women who wouldn’t give him the time of day suddenly will go out with him. How does that make the guy feel? At first it’s great and then over time I could see how resentment starts to creep in. Women just interested in him for his money and fame. Pretty easy [at least for some] to start viewing them all as “fucking whores”…which of course begins to fuel their bizarre behavior.

These recent events are but the tip of the iceberg. These things have been going on for decades, and I suppose one could say they’ve been going on since the dawn of civilization.

It’s going to take a very, very long time to change our society.

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