Comment of the Week: When HE Puts Out Too Soon

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Just to prove that it’s not only women who fall hard on a first date, get swept up by their libido, and never hear from said date again…

I met this beautiful gal on a dating website. We had a second date, had a great time, spent the entire day together. At the end of the evening we ended up at her home, and one thing lead to another… I thought we both had a great time and I was totally interested in seeing her again — then, the next morning, she sent me a “Dear John” letter. So obviously in this case, it was way too soon. I knew in my head this might happen, but it still hurts when it does. Live and learn I guess.

Steve, commenting on “Wise Guys: Is Sex on a First Date a Relationship Killer?”

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  1. I get that you’re posting this because it goes against the usual gender stereotypes, and I guess I missed the original post, but why assume that the person was dumped because he/she put out too soon? What if the dumper discovers that he/she is just very sexually incompatible with the dumpee after the first session in bed? Whether it happens on the first date or the tenth, they’re still incompatible and a breakup needs to happen. Might as well get it over with early, especially if sex is an important aspect of your relationships.

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