Comment of the Week: Women Get Erections Too

photo of clitorial erectile tissue

We were actually going to put an asterisk on yesterday’s Wise Guy misstatement about the labia and clitoris not needing to be erect for sex*, but we got lazy. Fortunately for us, Dannie is a great regular commenter around these here parts:

If the vulva isn’t engorged with blood, if juices aren’t flowing, the woman (typically) is not physically aroused–sound familiar (and actually, the clitoris becomes erect with arousal; huh.)?…Whoever works harder/burns more calories depends on what’s going on, not on gender. Even in the missionary position, a woman can do a whole lot more than just lie there and stare at the ceiling–especially if she wants to have anything to do with having an orgasm. Seems kind of a no-brainer to me.

*If we’re going to get technical, then engorgement isn’t absolutely necessary for intercourse to occur, but it sure helps and makes things a whole hell of a lot nicer for both partners — especially her.

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