Dream Interpretation: Do My Lesbian Dreams Mean I’m Bi?

Other people’s dreams are never interesting…except when they’re about sex. Each week, our dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tells one lucky reader what their dirty dream means. This week, a reader asks Lauri:

So I’ve been having a lot of wet dreams lately. That fact I find normal. But it’s who I’m having them with that I’m curious about.  For some reason they are always with women.  Recently I’ve even had a dream about a steamy encounter with one of my best girlfriends.  Does that mean I am bi-curious or is that normal?

lauri_loewenberg_100Lauri: If having a naughty dream about the same gender meant you were bi-curious, why we’d all be AC/DC!  So to answer your question, yes. T’is quite normal indeed.  In my research, it is not uncommon for same gender sex dreams to come in waves or spells such as yours.  This is not unlike having a wave of say, falling dreams.  In fact, I’ve personally been having a wave of fire dreams! The reason dream themes sometimes come in waves is because the issue or behavior they are connected to goes on for as long as the dreams do.  That being said, let’s see if we can’t figure out what is triggering these girl-on-girl dreams for you.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that sex dreams are not usually about sex at all but rather a uniting or merging of ideas, mindsets or energies.   Random or unknown women often represent female or yin energy, which is typically creativity, sensitivity, the ability to nurture and to be a good listener… the qualities generally associated with women.  Lesbian dreams are VERY common with pregnant women, for example, because there is nothing more “feminine” than being in incubator mode.  Have you been particularly creative, nurturing or sensitive lately?

Now let’s look at your friend.  Only you know for sure if you secretly desire her lady garden, but odds are this dream came at a time when the two of you had some sort of meeting of the minds, when the two of you really “came together” on some level, or perhaps put up a united front about something.  You may have even recently taken on one of her behaviors or qualities as your own, you may have merged a part of her into you.  Whatever the case, the dream is a really good sign that you two are definitely on the same wave length!

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  1. oh for god’s sake, any woman that dreams about having sex with other women is definitely not straight.

    1. So, if you dream about going to school/work without pants, does that automatically make you an exhibitionist? If you have a bad dream that involves accidentally coming in contact with poop, does that mean deep down you’re into scat play? If you have a nightmare about killing someone, does that mean you must really want to — and could! — murder someone in real life? Weird, unlikely, antithetical shit happens in dreams all the time — you shouldn’t always interpret them literally, if ever.

      1. Dear Em and Lo, thank you for offering a rational, and funny, explanation to CBG. Let me add that were dreams literal, there would have been no need to interpret dreams from ancient Greece to nineteenth-century Vienna and beyond.

  2. I’ve had sex dreams with both genders but the ones that I have more of are with females. I’m still confused if that means I’m bi or not. Someone help.

  3. Okay so about 7 months ago my sisters friend and I were watching a movie together in my bed she started feeling up on my leggings. I think I’m straight but she got me wet when she rubbed me. Last night I had a wet dream of her. We were hanging out and then we took a shower together and she rubbed me again. But I have a boyfriend and I also have wet dreams about him. Am I bisexual or is it just a phase? Also why now why 7 months from then?

  4. I had a dream that i was at a scatboarding cort and a girl kept staring at me and she would try to talk to me but i would ignore her and when we are walking out, she grabed me and she asked for my name and i gave her my name and she said that she really liked me. So i asked her if she was bi or lesbian and she said she was bisexual. And i told her i has bi too. And i went to her house and we started doing sexual thing. Am i bisexual?

    1. Same,I had a dream a girl was sucking on my clit and my nipple I woke up wet and horny

  5. Most of this dreams are from river spirits..
    Read deeper into spiritual stuff…you will understand

  6. I had this dream last night where I was play fighting in a costume with this other girl and she didn’t want to play fight anymore so I told her to kiss me to stop and she gave me a quick peck and I asked her to do a longer kiss and I can still feel the warmth of her breath and the softness of her lips. I was really into it and I even tried so hard going back to sleep but couldn’t finish of the dream. I couldn’t see her face but I was surprised that I was the dominant in this dream. I am 18years old and never been with a guy or a girl as my religion doesn’t agree with any intimate relationship before marriage. What do you guys think this dream could mean?

    1. Hon, if your religion is sexually repressing you( I’m a Christian so I’m not bashing religion in general) then you are acting out in your dreams. How comfortable are you with guys? Are you always taught to feel ashamed about sex? Or your body? If any of this true then the gay dream is probably you exploring you not you being gay. All people need intimacy, so are women more supportive to you than men? Look at your life and start studying sexuality from the Bible (if you are Christian that is , because it’s a very candid book on human sexuality. Song of Solomon is an erotic book). Don’t listen to people who want to repress your sexuality, at least dont internalize it. I’m not saying go explore but I am saying that sex is God given and we are sexual creatures.

  7. I’ve been having a lot of dreams of me and a girl having sex. I can’t really see their face ever. But I saw this one girls face, and I think she’s gorgeous and I always talk about looking like her. So maybe that could be something. But in my dreams I like i and I’m always the leader.

  8. I had a dream about a girl I like a lot but now we are just bestfriend. I am a lesbian and she is bi. We use to date ect …. what does this mean?

  9. For those of you who said, “You sent a message your Teacher”. Rule 1 if you have any kind of relationship with a teacher at all past or present and you want to keep it, keep quiet. Rule 2 Never tell them about your dreams with them especially if they are married. These types of dreams are for you to connect with yourself. A lot of these dreams are of women and for the record women are are the mothers of both sexes so that is quite natural.
    This might explain why “Jay” says “straigt men” do not
    have dreams of the opposite sex, I would argue that. These wet dreams, freakish dreams and out of the blue dreams are about where you stand with your inner self.

  10. I had a dream that left me so confused.. I dreamed that I was drunk and walked in a room filled with people. I new all of them but the werid part was that they were all touching and feeling each other up. It freaked me out!..then one of my close friends pulled me over and started putting her hands down my pants. At first I was enjoying it then I pushed her off. Then her and a guy continued doin stuff but she didnt let me go and wanted me to stay there as she got off. Soo weirdd! Im freaked out!

  11. I had a dream that woke me up and left me a little shook up. I dreamed I was having sex with a women I have never seen. I was the dominent one witch is weird cause I am usually not that way usually, but even worse my husband was there trying to stop it and I was yelling at him to get out that I would do what I want. I then heard my kids crying in the next room and I woke up. I was really shook up cause I have never dreamed of something like that and I was enjoying it.

  12. I had a dream about my teacher.. It was very weird. What does that mean? I’m confused, help me. It was very hot though I must admit. I messaged her on Facebook and she didn’t message back.. I guess I do like her which is weird haha. The last night I had a dream that we were having lesbian sex on my bed! OMG have feelings for my dance teacher?! Only if she felt the same way about me…

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