What Should My First Sex Toy from LELO Be?

We just had two different friends ask us, independently from one another, on the same day, “What should I get for my first sex toy?” Neither had really ever invested in a quality sex toy before; one had a novelty lipstick vibe, that’s it. Both moms — one single, one married — suspected peri-menopause of making them feel broken sexually. “I need help beyond using my phone on vibrate and asking my wife to call me… multiple times,” said one friend, before she crawled away to die of shame.

We told her, “Nothing to be ashamed of!” No matter our age, our relationship status, or our parental status, we all have a right to enjoy our bodies and experience pleasure. Orgasms are good for you! They reduce stress, help you sleep, and keep your nether regions in good working order.

We always recommend LELOs — and not just because they’re sponsors. LELO pleasure objects are high quality, long-lasting, smartly designed, and very elegant. All are body-safe, come with instruction manuals in sleek packaging, are rechargeable and often waterproof. We’d recommend them even if we didn’t get a commission!

And right now, many of them are on sale for Valentine’s Day! Order by the end of this week and you’ll get them in time for February 14th, even if you’re celebrating solo! Use code VDAY18 for extra savings.

Of the LELOs that are on sale, here are the ones we recommended to our friends as the best introductions to the world of sex toys:

The Intent Gift Set for Her — It comes with 2 different vibes and lube (good if you’re feeling dryer than usual), so you get some variety.

The Ina 2 — It’s like the classic Rabbit vibe (think “Sex and the City”). Get the Ina Wave if you want more internal motion.

The Mona 2 — It’s the same thing as the Ina, sans the external clitoral stimulation (and thus little more affordable). Get the Mona Wave if you want more internal motion.
The Gigi 2 — Great if you like G-spot stimulation (turn it around if you like PS-spot stimulation).

The Elise 2 — If you like a filled-up feeling, this one’s got girth (good if your pelvic floor muscles are shot after childbirth).
The Ora 2 or the Sona — Perfect if you don’t require penetration, just external clitoral stimulation. For bonus features, get the Sona Cruise.
Each toy’s individual page has a lot of explanation of how they work. When you narrow it down to a few you like, you can then look on YouTube for instructional videos or reviews, which might help you decide on the perfect one.

Good Luck &
Happy Shopping!