France Finally Shocked By Something: Anti-Smoking Ad

The slogan for the above anti-smoking ad currently running in France reads “Smoking means being a slave to tobacco.” Despite promoting a universally recognized good cause — getting kids to stop smoking — the ad has managed to piss off pretty much everyone. And this is in France, where the words “sex” and “scandal” (or, rather, their French equivalents) rarely appear in newspaper headlines together.

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  1. I don’t think the implication is that blowjobs are equivalent to slavery. I don’t think this ad is meant to represent a consensual sex act. The smokers/victims seem to not know what they’re consenting to (witness their naive, confused expressions), and they’re being led by the dominant hand of Big Tobacco. I don’t see that as a condemnation of consensual oral sex.

    I can much more readily understand the complaints of those who think that it trivializes sexual abuse. But I don’t know what I think in that regard. I think it pushes the envelope but I’m not sure I think that’s a bad thing.

  2. I’m surprised at the French. They usually know better. Since when is a BJ “slavery?” Because that’s how I took it.

  3. Well, yes, it says below “smoking is to be tobacco’s slave”. Pretty much telling you doing a blow job is being a slave. You’d be outraged too, non?

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