Given a Free Pass for a Fling, Women Would Call an Old Flame

vintage album cover via flickr

We’ve long known that The One Who Got Away makes for great late-night Google fantasies. And that makes sense: you rifle through your memory bank after another bad breakup — or after another inane argument with your spouse — and wonder how life would have been different if you’d stayed with X. Because through your rose-tinted glasses, you forget about how your ex chewed with their mouth open and only remember the grand romantic gestures.

Well, it turns out that women, at least, would turn to an old flame for plain old sex, too. iVillage recently surveyed their married female readers about married sex, and one of the questions they posed was, “If you could have an extra-marital affair with zero chance of your spouse finding out, would you?” (77% said they wouldn’t, 11% said they would, and 13% weren’t sure.) But it was the answers to the follow-up question, “If so, who would it be with?” that really surprised us: more than 40% said they’d choose an old flame. That’s five times more than they’d pick a celebrity, three times more than a complete stranger, six times more than a co-worker, and eight times more than a stranger they see frequently (someone at the gym, coffee shop barista, etc.).

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