Happy 40th Anniversary, Rocky Horror!

This week (Friday, the 14th to be exact) marks the — brace yourself — 40th(!) anniversary of the release of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Below, you’ll find all the romantic, sensual and scandalous scenes that’ll take you down memory lane so you don’t have to commit to a nearby midnight screening — unless that’s your thing. Hey, don’t dream it, be it:


“Dammit, Janet” establishes the virginal romantic love between Brad and Janet — you can practically cut the awkward sexual tension with a knife.


“Time Warp” sets the bacchanalian tone for an evening spent stranded in a castle during a dark storm — things are a-brewing!


“Sweet Transvestite” introduces us to the powerful, magnetic, unapologetic, and misunderstood maniac that is Frank N. Furter:


Frank gets a little date-rapey with Janet, but she doesn’t take much convincing to happily join him in the warm waters of sins of the flesh:


Frank pulls the exact same shit with Brad, and Brad flips even quicker than Janet!


A deleted song! The scene and song drag (no pun intended) without much visual appeal (deletion was a good call), but still: it’s fun to watch Brad and Janet contemplate their lost innocence:


Janet gets over it tout suite with Frank N. Furter’s Charles Atlas-inspired creation, Rocky. After all, she’s tasted blood and she wants more…more…more…more…

Turns out, free love comes at a price:


The climactic floor show — which includes the songs “Rose Tint My World,” “Fanfare/Don’t Dream It” and “Wild and Untamed Thing” — is Frank’s forced manifestation of his idealistic, pleasure-centered, self-centered world-view. Too bad it can’t last. Dream big, push boundaries, fuck hard, sing loud, and dance your ass off, but remember: everything in moderation, with consideration for others.

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