How to Write a Love List

love_letterphoto by erin MC hammer

Writing a love letter can be a daunting endeavor, especially when you’re not sure where to start. Should you put it in verse, use flowery language, get erotic? As with almost anything in life, the simpler you keep it, the easier (and often better) it will be. It doesn’t sound that romantic, but think of your love letter as a laundry list of the reasons why you adore your sweetheart. It’s kinda like Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnet #43: How do you love your partner? Count the ways! Here’s how to do it without rhyming or the need for a thesaurus:

  • Be specific – When compiling your list, you can certainly include some big general reasons (“Because you are the most forgiving person I’ve ever met”) but it’s almost always better to get specific (“Because you show me the error of my ways without ever making me feel like a jerk”). It’s the little details that will show your partner how well you know them while making them feel unique.
  • Mix and match – Juxtapose serious reasons (“Because you’re a person of principle”) with more lighthearted ones (“Because you’ve got the cutest tush I’ve ever seen”).
  • Run on – Best to include at least ten items on your list, but no need to number it like a top ten list, a la David Letterman. Instead, we’d recommend filling up at least one side of an unlined (if you have a steady hand) piece of nice stationary paper (2 sides if the paper dimensions are smaller than 8.5 x 11) with one reason right after another. For example: “Because I’m at my funniest when I’m around you. Because you make a killer pot of chili. Because we have the exact same tastes in movies….” with no line breaks until you sign it at the end with something like “With all my love,”.
  • Make it look nice – You don’t have to get all Martha Stewart, but please use a good pen (ideally no basic Bics and definitely no pencils) and your neatest handwriting (typing it up and printing it out is probably a bit too impersonal for this purpose, unless you can do something a little arty with the font or your handwriting is chicken scratch).

Here are some other suggestions to help get you inspired. Feel free to use any above or below that apply, just be sure to tailor them specifically to your Schmoopie. (We’re using a list here for easier reading, but again, you don’t have to):

  • Because everyone you meet likes you instantly.
  • Because sharing dinner and a movie with you is one of life’s greatest simple pleasures.
  • Because when I smell your shampoo, I still swoon.
  • Because you are the only person I’ve ever met whose bacne I want to pick.
  • Because we make a good team.
  • Because I’m comfortable making a complete ass of myself in front of you.
  • Because if cuddling were an Olympic sport, we’d be on a Wheaties box.

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  1. I like the idea of mixing humor with heartfelt sentiments. The Bacne is kinda gross, but you only pick for the ones you REALLY love.

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