Infographic: How Sexual Norms Have Evolved in 50 Years

Just when your blood is about to boil over all the reproductive rights rollbacks that have taken place in recent years, when you’re about to puke if you hear one more Fox pundit talk about “family values,” and when when your head is about to explode at the idea that “Dancing with the Stars” is a family show, something comes along that restores your faith in sanity and humanity, at least a little.

This week, Vitamin W ran a great article (with the infographic below) on how far we’ve come as a society when it comes to sexual and relational mores. There’s no doubt we’ve come along way, baby. But we’ve still got a ways to go (13% of people still believe interracial marriage is wrong???). As long as we stay vigilant and vocal and can avoid some 21st century version of the Protestant Revolution, then that progress will keep heading in the right direction. Forge ahead!

Here are a few places you can help keep that forward momentum going:

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  1. I found those domestic abuse numbers pretty disturbing. I clicked over to the article, and it turns out the question asked was whether it was wrong for a man to beat his wife with a belt or stick. Here’s hoping the 14% are the ones who said “Not if it’s consensual.”

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