“Magic Mike Live” in Las Vegas

The live cabaret version of the “Magic Mike” movie franchise officially premiered at the Hard Rock Cafe (natch) in Las Vegas (where else?) this past week. Magic Mike Live was conceived by Channing Tatum, who starred in and produced the movies, and is co-directed by him and Alison Faulk, the films’ choreographer. They worked together with Tatum’s wife Jenna to create a show that asks and tries to answer the question “What do women want?” A show where straight women could be “appreciated very, very hard.”

Photo Credit: Erik Kabik Photography/ erikkabik.com

From the looks of things from a distance (sadly, we were not flown to Vegas to attend the premiere), Magic Mike Live seems to combine erotic female fantasy with Tatum’s sense of humor, but (thankfully for most) without much Chippendale cheese or seedy Vegas raunch.

Photo Credit: Erik Kabik Photography/ erikkabik.com

USA Today reports a lot of toned abs and little skivvies, but no complete nudity. The 360 degree stage features 13 diverse dudes who dance, sing, perform acrobatics, and of course strip — sometimes as a group, sometimes with female performers, sometimes during one-on-one lap dances with audience members. The female host creates a safe space with the safe word “unicorn” and a lot of girl power talk. You don’t throw dollar bills but the pink “thank you” slips provided (after all, tickets are like 130 bucks a pop!). The performers give out just as many compliments as they do rolling pelvic thrusts. There is a lot of eye contact. This is male stripping with love.

Photo Credit: Erik Kabik Photography/ erikkabik.com

In the new venue, there’s even a “Pleasure Bar” featuring toys from our friends at LELO, to help promote the idea of embracing female sexual pleasure without shame.

Photo Credit: Erik Kabik Photography/ erikkabik.com

According to “Ellen,” they’ve already sold over $3 million in tickets. Which hopefully means it’ll still be going strong the next time you get a weekend away in Vegas. Start dropping the birthday party/bachelorette party/anniversary/Mother’s Day hints now!

Photo Credit: Erik Kabik Photography/ erikkabik.com

Until then, you can live vicariously through the following videos.

The hilarious teaser video
(the best part of this is Tatum’s insistence on spelling come WITHOUT a U):


The audition process:

Opening night:

Stripping in the rain:

The most naked it gets:

Whether you’re a man or a woman:
The Top 10 Striptease Tips


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