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  2. Wow, I’m part of only 2%? I’m only about 8″ but I’ve more than my share of problems with girls not being able to handle the full size. It’s not like I’m ignoring them (I enjoy foreplay more than I do sex) I just like tiny girls.
    It’s not like I cry myself to sleep at night though!

  3. Hi @d
    You may want to check out this website, the person answering sounds pretty rational:


    Sounds like it’s not uncommon, and only indicates a problem if there’s pain involved (in which case they say you should have things checked out by a urologist) As far as not seeing other men with this condition, as someone stated on one of these threads, men and women in porn are the conventional, “idealized” versions of people…I would guess that few of the women on these boards have breasts that look like those belonging to porn stars (apologies if they do!) Although I doubt you’ve spent much time in women’s locker rooms or dorm showers (now that sounds like a porn film right there…) I can assure you that even in college, before gravity had taken it’s toll, we were all very different upstairs, and no one I’ve ever seen in those situations looks like a porn star, or a Vogue model for that matter. If there are any “freaks” out there, and by freaks I mean genetic anomalies, then they are the ones in the pages of Vogue and making their living in porn films:)

  4. @d, you’re not a freak. I certainly have not been with every guy in the world, but of those I have been with, a fair number had a downward curving penis. It didn’t interfere at all with sex (oral or vaginal) and never looked weird to me, at least.

    And, the downward curving penis has been immortalized in film – original Witches of Eastwick, when Cher and Michelle Pfeiffer are discussing Jack Nicholson’s penis; Cher gives a manual description of “Darryl’s” penis, and it curves downward…while she does call it “funny looking,” it is enough to satisfy three women (possibly all at the same time) *and* take Susan Sarandon from looking like a nun to total tart. 😉

  5. I don’t know. That is part of the problem.

    So mine is curved downward, is that bad? Is it only bad if it is “too much”? How much is too much?
    Most porn star penises don’t seem to be curved downwards, they seem to be rather straight or curved slightly upwards. Ok, porn star penises might be probably not “normal” with regards to size, are they wrt. curvature? There isn’t some other, more representative collection of hard-ons on display to use for comparision. For size, there are at least average statistics to compare myself to.

    For all this talk about penis size, there is a lot about curvature. Does that mean it is mostly a non-issue, or does it mean that everyone else is “normal” and I am really the freak?

  6. I needed “I don’t worry, I may be a little under average, but I know how to make up for it”

  7. Following in the footsteps of Figleaf, I have to say that it’s never been a topic of concern. Since it’s beyond my control, I’ve never seen the point of either pride or anxiety about my dimensionality. Occasionally it feels like I’m the only male in the Western hemisphere that’s never stood next to a ruler. However, I’ve heard from several people in good positions to know that I’m pretty average (albeit slightly thicker). A more pertinent metric is probably the fit of the bits in question as well as the users’ proficiency. “It’s a poor carpenter that blames his tools.”

  8. “Only when I take polls like this!”

    Actually not even then. Not to sound, um, cocky but it’s rather pleasant to be perfectly average.


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