1. Johnny-

    You might be correct, since the experience sure feels like melancholia. Perhaps I should look to an emetic to bring my humors into balance? I just had an ultrasound on my spleen and it was unremarkable, but you really can’t be careful.

  2. Uh… maybe depletion of your manly vigors is causing an imbalance of bilious humors, black bile in particular, leading to a melancholy temperment?

    Dunno man… I think this is a problem best viewed through the lens of pre-modern, humor-based medicine.

  3. Sorry ’bout that, kids. I didn’t mean to get so cryptic. In my case, it frequently happens that I get teary because of the sex itself. For some reason, I often find myself in a very desolate place after the denouement. It doesn’t seem to be an effect of the emotional context of the sex as much as it’s caused by the act itself. Perhaps it’s a distinction without a difference, but none of the offered options quite captured the experience for me. So maybe my best answer would be along the lines of “Yes, because I just had sex.” Really, though, I’m mostly harmless.

  4. I was looking forward to casting a vote on this topic. Tragically, none of the ‘because’ portions following ‘Yes’ are applicable. A square peg and a round hole. So it goes.

  5. I’ve certainly experienced how moving soul-melding, eye-locking sex can be, but it didn’t move me to tears.

    I just felt like somebody needed to make the 82% “no” seem a little less like guys are as emotionally in tune as a busted radio.

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