1. Ideally 30 minutes is good. BTW this means multiple positions and stimulations, not just man on top pile driving. Starting that way is cool but finishing from the back (doggie style) a lot of women LOVE. And if she likes you, let her finish on top of you. Reverse cow girl of course!

  2. I’ll throw in my perspective as a girl. I and most girls i’ve ever spoken with regarding this topic enjoy at least 30-45 minutes of good oral sex. When I say “good” I mean not having a guy slobber all over me like a salivating dog and going right for my clit with his tongue moving around like a car buffer! Most men prefer a “landing strip” to having a complete “sphinx’ smoothie labia. I like the smooth feel of a wet tongue on my skin and the guys I have been with always enjoy a place to rest their nose and appreciate they are with a grown-up girl as opposed to some fantasies of going down on a 6th grader.

    Guys, listen up! There is much more to excellent cunnilingus than a tongue on a clit! Kiss and run your tongue around our hips and thighs for at least 10 minutes. Lick the OUTSIDE all over from top to bottom, especially where our legs fold with our pelvis and butt too! A guy who can give us a good butt workover turns most guys into our favorite lover right away! Kiss, nibble and lick everything without actually getting your tongue or fingers into us and you will have a love slave ready for anything!

    By this time your girl should be so hot and wet that her personal moisture drips as you gently part our lips with your tongue. SLOWLY lick up and down using the tip of your tongue and GENTLY flick her clit. Stick your tongue out as far as is comfortable and lick top to bottom using the length of your flattened tongue to slide over her clit and slippery opening. That’s where the reference “lick it like a lesbian” comes from. Continue to vary the pressure and listen to your girl. you’ll know when your have found a good spot besides her clit. Continue this until she begins to shudder and you know she’s close to getting off. if you want to really intensify things tease the orgasm a few times before licking her into an explosive orgasm that makes her shake all over and say naughty things that surprise the heck out of you coming from your usually quiet and reserved girl.

    No surprise here but let us play with your cock until it is up and hard as a rock. let us suck your thickness and probe our throats with your length. If your girl can do the deep throat thing SHE WILL. Don’t try forcing it or jamming it into her gag reflex! Her throat will usually lube it up sufficiently but if she need a little help, a few drops of neutral tasting bottled lube and just relax. some girls are just not built for the DT so accept it if it is your scenario. Let her do all the work at her pace and pressure. Do not forget that before you cum your cock thickens even more and the head gets bigger and is not so spongy so be sensitive if she can’t DT during your orgasm. Any girl who calls herself a BJ expert or “the best” will know how to handle it and she will swallow your load as she goes along to keep your orgasm going as long as possible. She might use just her mouth or in conjunction with her hand to intensify your pleasure so she might lose some out the corners of her mouth as she continues to suck and when she knows your orgasm has passed she can always sit up and swallow like she would anything else. “Facials” are only used for two things: porn flicks and taking the load of a guy I just met or am not feeling the cumshot connection with. If you pay attention, very few girls in porn swallow. They try to make it look like a swallow but they punk out and push it out with thir tongue. That’s a waste of a good cumshot and if your girl cannot or will not swallow, you need to re-evaluate your connection or find out is it just doesn’t taste alright. You can sweeten it by drinking pineapple juice, foofie drinks like pina coladas or a daquiri or other fruity cocktail. Whiskey shots and the like make your shot taste bitter; and we do not think you are as bitchen as you think you are playing cowboys in the old west and throwing back alcohol. Blech!!!

    When it comes to doing the deed do not be overly aggressive like a teenager stabbing something in the dark. Let us gently rub the end up and down on our wet lips and allow us to guide it in SLOWLY! Do not delude yourself and think that your girl wants it jammed in there as hard as you can, especially if you are long enough to ram into the back wall. That thing you are hitting is her cervix and there is nothing pleasurable about it. I like to start in the “missionary position.” When he enters me I like him to move in and out an inch at a time to allow my V muscles to relax and snug around that bad boy.

    Once you are in as deep as you can go for either of you, stop and take her into your arms and gently kiss her. Make her feel appreciated and show her how you are drawn to her as your weiner marinates in her slippery warmth. I like to set the “pumping” pace. I lift my hips to meet his pelvis and flex them front and back to slide up the length of his popo. I really enjoy him holding himself in sort of a push-up position while I lift my hips up and down to take all of him into me. I rake his neck and back with my nails as my orgasm gets closer. After a few minutes of bumping pelvises (pelvi?) I ask him which position he would like. If he has no preference I like doggy-style. His slow deep thrusts rub my g-spot and I can cum several times. When I get on top I love to reach down and feel the thickness of his dick in my hand because I know how good it is going to feel. I lower myself onto his erection and sometimes squat to get the deepest penetration possible. After a few minutes I use my knees for support and I rotate my hips and rock them like a hula dancer. I like to reach back and feel his ball-sack pressing against my ass. However we are doing it I love to feel his cock thickening and becoming harder as his orgasm approaches.

    I try to slow him down so his cumshot will intensify and his animal sounds drive me wild. If I am with a guy who can cum multiple times I like to have him cum on my stomach. It turns me on to see him shoot it and if it reaches my mouth it is a treat for me. Sometimes I will suck him off to completion and then have him return to intercourse with my c–t as warm and not so wet that he feels no friction. By the way, if your girl takes your cumshot into her mouth and swallows it for you, you DAMN WELL BETTER be open to kissing her or you are a dead man! It goes away fast or she can grab a bottle of something next to the bed and rinse and swallow before you kiss her, but all that breaks the symmetry and spontaneity of the momentthere selfis Joe!

    I love it when a guy cums inside me and surprisingly I really enjoy the feel of certain condoms as opposed to bareback. However, when I am doing the deed with my FWB (friend with benefits)across the street, I prefer to feel him sking to wet delicate folds and ribs. He is about 7 inches long and about 6 inches in thickness. He feels great and does something to me that I cannot quantify. Both of us are in agreement that there are no emotions involved, no relationship to create jealousy, and available almost anytime we need the other. He knows where to touch and lick and poke and thrust to drive me wild. With him I once got off six times in about 15-20 minutes of intercourse. Our pelvises are in romantic syncronicity and love it when his sack slaps my ass. He has a thing that when he cums he always does it while kissing me. I don’t know why but it is very romantic. When he cum the first and maybe second time he gushes a lot of warmth into me. He is not a particularly powerful squirter, but it is copious. I can feel it as his wanger is bathed in slippery warmth and the sound of it sucking in and out as he thrusts until like most guys, it is just too sensitive to continue. You’d be surprised how hot a whispered telephone call at 3:30am for a booty call can be guys! Be assertive! Be conscientious! Be open to new things! You must provide quality cunnilingus and equally exciting ass play (I hate the term “analingus”). A guy who is good with my ass and almost every other girl’s ass can make me cum that way!

    To sum all of this up into a workable conclusion, the best length of time for penis in vagina intercourse for me and almost all of my friends is 20-30 minutes. Disregard all that you read about women craving two hour erections and being hammered into exhaustion! After about 30 minutes things become desensitized and all she can feel is the pressure of you pumping cock into her. Good sex IS done in minutes -not hours! An erect penis at about 7 inches is perfect length and if it is close to 6 inches in girth and you have a dream tool. Big ol’ copious cumshots whether taken internally, accepted orally or playfully spattere across her body, breasts and/or face, are a radical turn-on for most girls. Watch a Peter North video and you’ll understand. I’m only 31 years old, married with friendly benefits OK’d by my husband, a mommy of two and I still have my 35″-26″-37″ figure that I attribute to the exercise of great sex. I have had 37 male lovers and a dozen females and I’m still as tight as a virgin but without all the pain and weirdness. So guys, get out there and use real foreplay! Put that thick manhood to work on your girl and do it good and you will have her forever. Good luck!

  3. a little romance, touching,caressing the softh body of a woman. kissing, all in 20 minutes can make her very happy,dont where out your welcome.

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