1. i second conrad–my first thought looking at these polls was ‘well, does getting on youporn count as celebrity?’ while ‘stranger’ is technically accurate, in the cause of prurient interest, i would say it constitutes a different character of fantasizing (that guy in the elevator who gave you that look, some imaginary chick in a mask, wev) than actual pictures of actual people who you don’t know.

  2. Why isn’t there a ‘masturbate to porn’ option? I selected stranger, because not all porn actresses are celebrities. If I’ve learned anything from ‘I Love You, Man,’ it’s that it is wrong to masturbate to pictures of your wife.

  3. I depends. Sometime I think about watching my wife giving another man pral pleasure or been watched masterbation. I enjoy been watch masterbation it makes it more enjoyable for someone to watch me.

  4. How come, “I usually watch porn when I masturbate, and have been since I was an adolescent; therefor I am a raging parapheliac who can only masturbate when watching something really perverted” isn’t an option?

    That would sum up a large chunk of the male population.

    Yes, ladies – your boyfriend too. I know, I know. He tells you he thinks porn is gross. But trust me.

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