Photos of the Week: Happy, Naked & Older

Arizona photographer Jade Beall’s images on Facebook of an elderly interracial couple (including the one above) went viral in the last few weeks, probably because they revealed the kind of love, body security and happiness we all want, at any age! So we went in search of more life-affirming photos the AARP would approve of. Hey, with luck, we’ll all be there someday!


  1. Elderly?!?! (OK, I went to the Facebook site and checked their ages, but still…) I think most are decidedly middle-aged appearing. And I agree, gorgeous. Love is beautiful.

    1. Ha! We figure 70+ is safe to call “elderly,” esp when the definition of the word is simply “old or aging.” We only referred to the couple in the original photo as elderly, everyone else we simply called eligible for AARP enrollment (entry age is only 50!). 🙂

      1. Did you *have* to remind me of AARP?!?! While I admit to 50-ish, I refuse to join, lol.

  2. These photos are so cool and beautiful! They remind me of the older people with tattoos photo series. Being old does not have to mean taking pleasure away!

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