1. @Alex: I feel so sorry for you that you’re a grown woman and have never had an orgasm. But you shouldn’t put down other women for complaining that they’re unhappy or unsatisfied with their lukewarm sex lives. That’s just being a BITCH.

    @also need some: I don’t know if you’re the same person as “needsome”, but your husband sounds like a selfish lazy slob. I hate men who get lazy with sex after marriage. If he’s depressed or tired then do your best to help him through this. But once things seem to get back to normal if he continues this way then it might mean he’s cheating on you or no longer interested in you in a sexual/romantic way. It could be time to seriously re-evaluate your marriage.

    Make sure you emphasize that you want variety and fun and plenty or foreplay. NONE OF US WANT IT TO BE ROUTINE AND BORING LIKE YOUR HUSBAND IS MAKING IT OUT TO BE. You deserve more, sweetie.

  2. The best sex I’ve had has lasted 20-30 minutes, with various positions. I guess it just depends on the person, (personal preference) but if you’re changing up positions and speeds, 10 minutes can feel like you’re just getting started!

  3. @ Greg. FYI my husband and I have been married for almost 10 years this month. I do love him but as a woman I have my needs. I married him because I loved him and the sex was great. I still love him but I need more sex. He just came back in town on Monday and we had sex about 5 times so far for this week. So, I guess he’s finally listening to me and giving me what I want. Beggers can’t be choosers 5 times for the week is much better than 5 times for the month :o)

  4. @also need some – It sounds like right now stress is the main problem. Read all the advice for guys about how foreplay begins in the morning and is all about romance. Then be nice to him and try to help him feel better. Do more than your share of the chores, massage him, be romantic, go on dates. Also make sure he feels like you can have sex play without going all the way if he’s not in the mood. Since he’s a guy, you might also try things like masturbating in front of him, talking about sex, watching an action movie, leaning over, etc. Do the things he most enjoys. If you think he’s tired or worried about his erection, try to make opportunities for a.m. sex.
    At some point, when things are back to normal, you may want to talk to him about trying new things, too. Find out what he’d like to try. And be sure you’re scheduling plenty of couple time so that sex can happen.

  5. Also Need Some- I don’t want this to sound harsh, but good lord woman, what on earth are you complaining about? I have never in my life had an orgasm, let alone with a man, and it has caused serious relationship issues. You’re coming every time you have sex? I’d say relax and enjoy it.

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