Question of the Week: How Long Should Intercourse Last?

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Hey, hey, it’s a brand new feature on our site! Occasionally, we’ll ask you guys an impertinent question, and you can share your answer in the comments section below. Feel free to share your age, gender, relationship status, sexuality, etc., if you feel that it’s relevant to the answer. So, this week’s question:

How long should intercourse last for, ideally? Forget foreplay, forget oral, forget all the other stuff that makes sex sex — we just want to know what your personal preference is for the old in-out.

(“None” is a perfectly acceptable answer, by the way!) Oh, and please do explain your answer, list exceptions, blah blah blah.

Okay… dish!


  1. The past few guys i’ve been with it’s been a case of the shorter the better; but they both seemed to think that all women like the same thing and were only really in it for them. With decent partners though, as long as it’s still enjoyable for both people it can last as long as it does.

  2. I’d say 15 minutes is ideal… I can tolerate up to around 30 at once. My motto is: if it takes longer than 30 minutes you’re doing it wrong.

    Been married for 9 years to someone that also likes things to be on the quicker side of things. You can always do it again and again…

  3. I was going to answer: as long as it takes for both partners to feel like it was fun.

    But it depends. Hours of switching around and stopping and starting is a great way to spend a Sunday morning. But sometimes you really just want to spend 5 or 10 minutes! (Come on, doesn’t anyone else sometimes have the bodily-needs maintenance sex? It can’t just be me.)

  4. Depends on mood. sometimes i’d like it quick some times i would love for it to last the whole night.

  5. Depends. If I’m in the mood for it more than anything, have a lot of energy, and there is plenty of water around to drink…counting multiple position changes, a couple of hours. Other days, I’m quite happy with about 15 minutes or so. It really, really depends. To me (though I know others have different experiences), this question is unfair. I guess the short answer would be: As long as it continues to feel good for both parties involved. Which, for many people, can change depending on all sorts of things.

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