Quickie Advice: How Do You Avoid Routine in a Relationship?

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Last week, we were on Kiss FM in Toledo promoting 150 Shades of Play and fielding listeners’ questions. There were some good ones we wanted to share them here on EMandLO.com this week. So each day we’re featuring a quick question with some lightening advice from yours truly. Today’s question:

How do you keep things new and exciting and not get into a routine?

One of the best ways to keeps things exciting in the bedroom is to keep things exciting outside of the bedroom. Couples who continue to experience new and novel things together find they can keep that romantic connection stronger. Even better if those new activities are sometimes adreneline rushes, which can really bond a couple. You can even use going to the gym together as a form of foreplay: get the heart pounding, the blood flowing, the endorphins going so when you get home your ready to jump into the shower…together!

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  1. Why not have a random day or 2 days each month where you both say something you’ve never done and give it a go?

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