Poll: What’s the Female Equivalent of the Penis?

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  1. According to my Human Sexuality textbook (Hyde, Janet Shibley., and John D. DeLamater. Understanding Human Sexuality. 10th ed. Boston: McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 2008.) (yes, I am interested in this subject enough to take a class on it) in females “The tubercle becomes the clitoris, the folds become the inner lips, and the swelling develops into the outer lips.” And in males “The tubercle becomes the glans penis, the folds form the shaft of the penis, and the swelling develops into the scrotum.”
    So, by this definition both the clitoris and the inner lips (and thus the beginning of the vagina) are the female equivalent to the penis. The ‘head’ of the penis is equivalent to the clitoris and the inner lips (and the beginning of the vagina) are equivalent to the shaft of the penis.
    So, based on this I chose clitoris since the vulva is the entire external female genitalia, which includes the outer lips which have no equivalent in the penis.

  2. A man has a penis, a women has a vagina. I saw this in a movie. It was one of those funny parenting movies. Yah, that’s the answer. Go Celtics. Slam Dunk!

  3. If we are talking about the stimulation the male glans gives to the s-spot then we are referring to the clitoris.
    There seems to be a direct link between the clitoris and the g-spot, at least for me. If I stimulate my clitoris to orgasm I find that my g-spot is more sensitive/pronounced which adds to penetrative sex.

  4. I said the clitoris but that really depends on what part of the penis we’re talking about… I think the glans, the expandable tip, would be the clitoris. Most of the shaft with it’s erectile tissue would be the labia (as a bonus the prostate would be the g-spot) and the vaginal canal would roughly translate to an extension of the vas deferens, lined for a bit with the shaft and the prostate sitting on top of it, connected to the glans…. No wonder female sexual satisfaction is so much more complicated than “touch her on the penis.”

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