Dear Em & Lo: What Do Vulvas Taste Like?

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Dear Em & Lo,

I hear if your vagina has no taste to it that means you’re healthy? My friend told me he likes to eat his girlfriend out and it’s because it’s just like water, no taste to it. He said if there is a taste to it something is wrong with the girl? My ex told me my vagina had a taste to it, he said it tasted good…but when arousing myself and masturbating I tasted myself and it taste really tangy. EVEN after showering. Should I watch what I eat more? Or should I douche more often?  Or am I just fine?

— Tang

Dear T,

What do you mean “Should I douche more often”? You shouldn’t be douching at all! That could be your problem right there! Douching throws off the natural chemical balance of your vagina, which can cause inflammation and discharge. So stop that! And cut out the bubble baths and any perfume sprays down there. Then make sure you’re eating healthy, not smoking, exercising, and hydrating. Understand that semen can make things a little funky — which is another great reason to use condoms! If there’s any chance you might have an infection, go to your gyno and bring up your concerns. Check out our detailed post about these steps, as well as Dr. Vanessa’s post on getting the vadge back on track. But please know that, like ice cream, healthy vulvas come in 31 flavors — and they’re not supposed to taste like water, they’re supposed to taste like dark, moist, musky love pops!

Enjoy responsibly,

Em & Lo


  1. I was wondering if the the flavor could be a fairly accurate reading on one is better able to conceive a boy or a girl. Being as acidity is the better for female and base is better for male, I was just wondering whether the flavor might be indicitive of your chances either way?

  2. Rather interesting, Prof V.

    The secretions also change during different times in the menstrual cycle, while on hormonal birth control, while using an IUD, while pregnant and other life changes.

    An other Moratorium. “Down There.” Please. WHERE? Can we use WORDS for our sexual organs. Vulva, pudenda, pussy, vagina (although that doesn’t cover ALL the woman’s outer organs) hell, why not “Lady Junk” 😉 ANYTHING but “down there” and “va-jay-jay.” referring to the genitalia in vague terms (“down there” could be ANYWHERE) or baby words are attempts to erase the meaning of the word or not to think about what they really are. SEX organs.

    There is NO reason to be afraid of or embarrassed by the human body, including it’s sexual organs. If the real words don’t work for you, perhaps the more vulgar ones do, I prefer vulgarity to prudery. Maybe it’s just my thing, but “down there” just puts my teeth on edge. It’s an attempt to minimize a VERY important thing. Please don’t minimize the importance of the almighty Vulva.

  3. I have had the opportunity over the years to enjoy the vaginal delicacies of a number of ladies through extended oral/digital stimulation. (I prefer unrushed times of at least 20-50 minutes of undivided attention to her.) I’ve been blessed with both a great sense of smell and taste. With a few techniques I have been able to determine that most women are cpaable of at least three distinctive flavors (and accompanying viscosities). We’re all familiar with the normal arousal juice. Personally, I think this one is the most affected by diet. The second comes from her para-urethral glands. As others mention, it has the consistency of slippery pre-cum. Not much flavor at all. Feels great in the mouth. And the third comes, I’ve found, when a woman has what Dr. Lin calls an Epi-Center orgasm. (Epi-Center is the region around the cervical opening. For those who read David Shade he calls it the Deep Spot.) This to me is the most fascinating. I often encountered a mild taste of rose honey. It had an almost skim-milk clarity to it. In all cases, once the woman had the Epi-Center/Deep Spot orgasm, it was a time to just relax. It was great to just reast my head near her vagina and inhale the perfume of her scent, with all three fluids mixing together.

  4. Bushman from downunder says;

    Out of all secret gardens
    visited no two have been the
    same…one was a sweet as sugar
    while another was like molasses…

    unless i was in the wrong garden..lol

    be a good guest, smile.

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