Dear Dr. Kate: Why Does My Vagina Taste Bitter Sometimes?

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Hello Dr. Kate,

My question is about the taste of my vagina. Both from what my boyfriend has said/his reactions and my own taste-tests, I know that sometimes I taste of nothing and sometimes almost bitter (even after showering). Is this change due to hormones, or is it like with men where the foods you eat affect your taste? Thank you so much!

— (Would Rather Be) Tasteless

Dear Tasteless,

Every woman has a unique taste that changes based on many things. At different times in your cycle, your taste can change from sweet to salty to sour. When you’re aroused, or if you’re sweating (or both), the flavor can also be different. And certainly having an infection (yeast or vaginosis) can cause your taste to change.

It’s unclear if diet can really change the taste of vaginal secretions — unsurprisingly, it’s hard to get funding to do such research. But anecdotally, different foods in your diet can change how you taste. The foods I hear about most: raw garlic, citrus fruits (particularly pineapple), strawberries, coffee, and asparagus. Even alcohol, nicotine and vitamins have the potential to change your taste. Violet Blue goes into further details that she learned while researching her book on cunnilingus.

I’d love to hear about this from you all… Have any of you (or your partners) noticed a change in your vaginal taste? What do you think it’s due to?

— Dr. Kate

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  1. So im breastfeeding drinking as much water as i can . Excercising. I wax my vajaja an for a few weeks i tasted myself an its sour as! I havent had sex in weeks . I bought bromelain *pineapple extracts. Evey now an then i use alcohol and soap free baby wipes to freshen up.. and i use an intimate wash in the shower i dont no what the problem is!!?? Help.

  2. I want to go down with my tongue with my wife, but she does not allow it because I told her her tastewas more souer since her pregnancy. How can I convince her to allow me to lick her

  3. My bf and I used to have great sex till he moved in with me…now he isn’t interested and told me he doesn’t even think of sex…we fight all the time and he says all I want is sex…its part of the relationship..how long can a man go without some kind of relieve..really now..he will rather jurk off than have sex with me..is that normal?

  4. @Clairey thanks so much, I am going to try that. I will let you know if it works for me. As for those of you having trouble with coming to or bringing someone else to orgasm. The only way to accomplish it with a woman is that she has to explore her own body and bring herself to orgasm. Once you/she can discover where and the amount of pressure needed it can happen any time you/she wants it to. Use toys in addition if you would like. The most important thing is to be relaxed, both of you, and to not rush it. When it happens, believe me you will be happy you worked for it.

  5. @ Dan John try playing with her clit be creative with your toungue, hope that helps. I am a female and haven’t felt that orgasm but I know what I want and kind of embarrassed to let him know

  6. Please Dr.Kate, My question is; I love my Wife so much & she does the same to me, Her vagina taste incrediblely like heaven and she does enjoyed it whenever goes down on her, we really enjoy sex alot but she has never reaches an organism even though i had a 7-8 inches horse power. And recently i noticed that she has not been asking of sex and i’m woried about all these……… please, i need your help; what could be the problem? i love her so much that i don’t want to cheap on her. Thanks and i hope that my request/question will be answered.

  7. Dear need2nut the problem may not necessarily be you it may be the men your sleeping with may not be hitting the right spots or you may be unaware of your own spots. I suggest you play with yourself and see if you can find what spots or positions set you off exactly than you can share this info with the one your with so sex can be enjoyable for the both of you.

  8. All vaginas have acidic conditions, in response to dealing with the sperm cells which are seen as ‘foreign’ and alkaline, to neutralise pH.

  9. I have no prob with taste just that I am 20 and I have been having sex for 8 years so why cant I seem to have orgasm? My fiance can bust off like nothing. Or sex last for like an hour or 2. He is about 8inches. I keep my cookie clean trimmed and fresh. Im always tight so what is really the problem with me?

  10. All women have their own unique taste but there are groupings of mostly three.

    It doesn’t depend on race.

    There is very sour and unpleasant

    There is a medium sour

    And then there is a heavenly floral one that is incredible!

    So far the amazing one only occurred three times for me and all three of them were vegan or vegetarian.

    I believe meat and dairy causes the disgusting sour taste.

  11. I have the answer you seek. First off, our vaginas have a pH balance necessary to make things just right there. I know without a doubt that I have found the secret to this. Rephresh makes a probiotic specific to women and our natural flora needed to maintain the ideal pH. I also use every 3 days the rephresh brand gel inserted vaginally (before bed is best). I can say without a doubt, my “pink” has never been better. My bf begs me to eat it, all the time!!!! Good luck-let me know how it goes.

  12. My vagina tastes like camel nuts smothered in pickle juice on a grill, with a touch of sweaty mosquito sex. Any ideas?

  13. dear Dr. Kate

    I’ve noticed that my vagina has a almost fizzy taste when I’ve done taste test in the past. my bf said it was very unusual. i had been drinking lots of red bull at the time because it gives u wings, that my maxi pads are lacking. i was wondering if the high amounts of ginseng might have something to do with it

  14. Still Don’t know how I came upon this while berating a corporate cunt and then this popped up.
    Are you Soliciting Second Opinions ?
    I will gladly Participate ?
    All Joking Aside Sweetheart ya can’t stop the bacteria express especially the beneficial type so don’t sweat it and if he can’t deal with ya being natural LEAVE THE BASTARD.

  15. Doc I recently learned about a female way of climaxing which is called “squirting”. This is when a female reaches an organism and squirts out vaginal juices. After hearing about it from my long time BF, ive been wondering why it doesn’t happen to all women? My Bf is fasinated by it but I wonder if it disappoints him that I am unable to fulfil the task. Do you know of any advice or techniques that can help with this?

  16. I have been pregnant now for 4 1/2 months. My partner told me I was sour, but I don’t think it has anything to do with smoking or drinking. When I was smoking and drinking I was fine, in fact I was really sweet. During my pregnancy I have been eating quite healthily as well and havent been drinking or smoking for a while.I think I have thrush and I will be talking to my midwife about it but itt is normal and your pussy wasn’t made to be eaten so I guess if it doesn’t taste good for now too bad. And if you have been drinking beer, remember that beer contains yeast and also I don’t think smoking would affect your vag. Find a doctor you probably have thrush.

  17. ^ I doubt that a condom would make you taste/smell weird a week later. I think that’s your conscience playing tricks on you.

  18. So, five days ago, i cheated on my boyfriend. (It was a HUGE mistake and i truely regret it now) But today I tasted myself and found that i tasted very bitter. Could it be from the condom? What can i do to get by pussy back to its normal taste? How long?

  19. Hi, As of 2 weeks ago, I had a really bad smell (fishy and lots of discharge), and I just got tired of it. I came online, read alot of articles… I think I had either BV or a yeast infection. Not sure. But I took out most of the sugar I was eating in my diet, started preparing foods at home, but most importantly and what I think helped a lot was that I went to a good holistic grocery store that sold vitamins, and I bought 1) acidophilus (iflora women’s multi probiotic) 2) garlic (garlinase) 3) cranberry 500mg4) a women’s multivitamin new chapter women’s one daily 5) folic acid 6) B12 1000mg and 6)Folic Acid 400mcg

    I started taking everything all at once at night right before going to sleep. And after a few days of doing this my smell started to go away. It even cleared up the really awful smell towards the end of my cycle. I also starting about a month and a half ago really increased my water intake to 6 to 8 cups of water a day from not really drinking water at all. Last but not least, I am pretty much dairy free, and all the supplements I am taking are gluten free/vegetarian.

    On the downside some of the vitamins are pretty good. I’m willing to look past it though because the combination of everything has made me not have any bad/irregular/way too much discharge on top of the small going away. And I want to smell good for myself. And for any future partner I may have.

    It’s made my self esteem really rise alot. I feel so much more healthy. Background, I’m not on the pill or any medications like antibiotics or anything, nor am I a doctor.

    Just wanted to share what has worked for me, in such a short time.

  20. Hi, everyone. Im surelly going to try all these tips you guys posted. I really feel my vagina tastes bad, like really bitter. When my boyfriend gives me oral I always kiss him after and he has this really strong, funny smell/taste. I’m starting to feel really self-conscious. I really want him to go down on me, as I can’t have an orgasm just by penetration, but I know I taste bad. I do smoke but I’m not ready to quit that. I’d try with the diet. Please keep posting!

  21. I’m having bad yeast infections frequently what can I do to stop this? I also have bitter tasting white discharge which makes my vagina taste bitter whenever I receive oral sex. How can I change this?

  22. a couple summers ago I was really into making a mixed fruit bowl everyday. I smelled very sweet. now it is sometimes sour smelling. I don’t douche, nor have a period due to birth control. I am going to try cutting out some foods or add more water and get into the fruit habit again.

  23. Im having the same issue. Yesterday I decided to taste my own vag juice and it was salty sour something. so after reading all this, I decided to try few things

    exercise regularly, less caffeine, no smoke, melon, pineapple, 100% pure cranberry juice, Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily with freshly squeezed lemon, plain fat free yogurt everyday, diet less in red meats, higher in veggies and fruits.

    I’ll check again if there will be changes after one week.

  24. My girl friend frequently has a sweet lime taste which I love. I’ve never observed this variation before with any other woman and I’m curious if others have the same experience. Her diet is your basic meat and potatoes so that is not the factor. Her heritage is Great Britain.

  25. I usually go down on my girl when we are really into it or sometimes I do it just for fun, but a lot of times she tastes bitter. I don’t say anything about it but nowadays I am almost scared to go down… Could it have something to do with the cokes she consumes? Or the food? Which foods would be the best for her to taste sweeter? She was my first experience in oral sex and let’s just say it was not the best. Sometimes when were really into it she gets really and I do mean REALLY wet it smells so strong I try not to breathe. It is worst when we have blankets over us cause then all the smell goes up to our faces. The worst thing is I don’t know if she notices her strong smells sometimes. I try not to do faces but I feel like I do which is another reason why I am happy the light is closed. Could someone help please? I really wish my girl could taste sweet sometimes.

  26. What you eat definitely DOES affect the taste. One time, about 4-5 hours after having a pizza, my bf went down on me. When he came up to kiss me, his mouth tastes EXACTLY like the really big spicy seeds in pepperoni. (He didn’t eat any of the pizza.)

  27. Okay so my boyfriend likes going down on me and loves my tatse, but there has been two times now that he said I tatse funny. He doesn’t know how funny but funny. He knows I would NEVER cheat on him. Were madly inlove, but he is also a negative thinker and wonders if it could be another guy or a condom. I insure him there is NO possible way that could be true. So, why do I tatse different?

    Thanks for the help! (:

  28. ive just noticed that my vagina has just started to taste a little sour. During intercourse my fiance does cum in me, when giving oral i do swallow sometimes, i also dont pay attention to what i eat, so could it be all the cum that goes through me+ my diet? what should/how i start to change things downunder

  29. my girlfriends vagina never smells bad untill she starts producing her juices what can she do to change that i cant really describe the smell but it is enough to make a man gag any ideals would be helpful thanks

  30. Wow what an interesting topic! I think at the end of all the supplements, washes, routines, etc. the bottom line is whatever you put IN your body is what eventually will come out. Anything left over in the body that is not used will eventually turn toxic and give off smells/scents that can be unpleasant. My guys always says I have what he calls “sweet gold”, and yet I do drink wine at least once a week, I drink black and green teas (both containing caffeine) and I love things like garlic and onion. However I drink tons of water each day and I am big on multivitamins, which I think helps create the balance.

    For all you ladies with a case of the ‘sour puss’, I would suggest a tea tree oil cleanse. Just buy a bottle of pure tea tree oil, and a bottle of olive oil or jojoba oil. Pour a little of the olive or jojoba oil on a tampon, then pour 3-4 drops of the tea tree oil over it. It will be strong. Insert the tampon as usual and wear for about 3-4 hours then remove. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and is known for its healing, cleansing properties. This will help clear up any strange smells and just helps normalize the ph levels in that area.

    And another thing ladies, lets not be so self conscious about how our puss is smelling. Just keep it clean!

  31. My boyfriend says I taste amazing but when I tasted myself I can’t agree with him. it’s kind of bitter sweet and reminds me of the taste of a vitamine. XP yuck. You think he’s just tryin to boost my ego? lmao.
    Anyways, I quit smoking about three months ago, and I never drink. I drink pineapple juice but it’s mixed with mango, and I drink cranberry juice and water, and add applecider vinegar to my water in the morning. I also take B vitamine complex daily. I try and eat plain yogurt but I skip a few days since it’s so awful. I can’t say that I eat bad, but I don’t really eat healthy either… I eat a lot of salt and butter but I hardly ever have fast food. I’m wondering if it could be the vitamine I’m taking that makes me taste so awful? Or maybe I’m just not into the taste..
    I was wondering if it changes when you’re turned on too? I get really wet… like, extremely. I used to be really self conscience about it but my boyfriend goes crazy over it.. and I’m assuming it cleans out the bitterness?

  32. My husband actually has comented about my taste. I just recently married and he told me that now that we are married I taste more bitter and sour. Idk if it’s because we have more intercourse now than before. Or it’s because he comes in me now. I do have on question. If my husband does ijaculate inside me. How long does it take for all of his “stuff” to leave my private part?

  33. ok… sooooo I used to have yeast infection. but I finally defeated it with garlic supplements, lots of yogurt and acidopilus supplements.. However, I just tasted myself, and I tasted really sour. It’s been cold lately so I’ve been drinking alot of hot chocolate and less water.. that may be the reason. Im going to start eating pinneapple though and making sure i drink water.. Maybe ill even start working out.. I tell myself that every day though! lol! I hope my va jay jay tastes better in a week. I’ll have to see. If not.. Im gonna see about cutting meats.

  34. Thankyou soo much for all the posts. They have really helped.
    Just recently my boyfriend says I taste different. He used to say I tasted amazing. He used to go down on me all the time.
    I’m not sure what I’m doing different, I have been working out more. But I take showers everyday.
    Today, I decided to tast test myself and I tasted bitter when before I used to taste really sweet, and I used to be really wet. The when I started making love to my boyfriend my vag started changing smells and tastes. It was sweet up until quite lately, and now it tastes funny. I’ve never tasted so bitter and tangy.
    It’s gross. And it makes me very self concious. I’m already shy of my body. But it just worries me. So Ive been trying to go to the doctor.
    I’m taking all your different advice and I’m going to try them.
    I have been eating chocolate more recently, and I had broccoli today.
    I want to amaze my boyfriend not just by giving him oral and pleasing him during intercoarse, but my just the smell and taste of my vag. I want to be more appetizing to him ;P

    Does anyone know of anything else that may help?

  35. To anyone with smelly vagina your diet does have alot to do with the way you smell down there. I am a previous sufferer with yeast infections due to my diet eating alot of sweets and sodas. I have cut down on sodas and sweets and now drink lots of cranberry juice and take the acidophilus have notice less yeast problems and also use a mild unscented soap. Im married also and will tell you semen will affect the way you smell down there when my husband and I are intimate We either use protection or he will withdraw I have noticed a huge difference.

  36. To any of the women with yeast problems: The only thing that made my chronic yeast infections stop (completely!!) was a low-carb diet. Just a thought. That might sound like an extreme solution, but after living with them for so long and doing everything right (I wore the right kind of underwear, had a healthy diet including lots of yogurt, cut out alcohol, took supplements such as garlic pills & acidophilus, etc.) it really wasn’t.

  37. That’s all past history though.but nowthe discharge is back n the so very awful smell!I’m so depressed about this!my fiance has been fighting yeast infections also but he’s diabetic

  38. Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily with freshly squeezed lemon. Lemons flush out toxins in your bladder and also reduce cellulite. Science has proven it. However, this should be done in conjunction with a diet less in red meats, higher in veggies and fruits.

  39. yeah, i tasted my girlfriend 12/22/10
    she tasted really sour, im not an expert on this kinda stuf, cause she was the second girl ive tasted in my entire life, is it normal for her to tast sour, it tastes like a sour apple…but i dont know, some one please help me here

  40. I have been trying to find info on this issue for weeks, I am so glad to have stumbled across this post and all these great comments. Tomorrow will be day one of putting some of these suggestions into play in my life!

  41. I do belive that a healthy diet can produce a more pleasant taste, smell in the vagina. A couple of years back I exercised regularly, ate plain fat free yogurt just about everyday, fruit ( a lot of cantaloupe & pineapple), cut out sodas and bad sugar products, drink a lot of water. I lived that lifestyle for about 6 months or so, the guy I was dating would perform oral sex and would be amazed at how “sweet” I was and would bring it up a lot….Now my diet hasn’t been as great, and I can tell the difference. I will go back to the way I use to it and see if that was what caused the sweeter taste. =)

  42. Simple and easy way to start smelling sweeter or having a less noticeable scent is to start Taking Acidophilus. I take that and i put yogurt in my smoothies. I also take cranberry capsules and drink lots of 100% cranberry juice no sugar added. I wash with a mild soap down there and I don’t drink alcohol or smoke and cut back on garlic and onions on days you want to have sex or any sexual activity. Also drink lots of water. that acidophilus and cranberry will help you maintain a healthy vagina ph levels and help prevent UTI’s. Also chlorophyll or Chlorella is great for reducing any body odor all over, its naturally high in B vitamins so you dont have to take the B supplements.

  43. I am 32 y/o woman.I have been always in long term relatinships.(clean)But I smoked since 17 and it is been almost 15 years.Eew!I hate myself on this part.But I finally stopt.When I was younger like before 28,I was OK.I was healthy and my system was stronger and recover faster.I didnt have problem.But I turned 30 and it all started.I had vaginal dryness,white discharge,very sour taste.I tryed everything from CVS counter med to Doctor prescribed drug.Didnt work,and came back in few days.I almost gave up on sex:):)It affected my life 3 years.Aaah!!!!
    Than I noticed when I DONT coffee tea soda all thoese caffiene filled drink,and smoke less or dont smoke my VJ feels great.But when I drink starbucks coffee and smoke it was back.This is my real life expierence.I didn’t know I suffered last 3 years.Almost no sex,I stopt him to go down there!!! But now I know,I CANT HAVE CAFFIENE AND NICOTINE.my body is sensetive to it!!!IT is not only me.It is our body GIRLS!!!IF you have sour taste and white discharge and V dryness Stop smoking and drinking caffiene.These put stress on our adrenial glands and triggers everthing….poor immune system and yeast or ….it will go on….Just plz stop smoking and drinking caffeine.See the difference! Good luck

  44. Yeahh my gf normally tastes sweet but recently shes been out drinking (two consecutive weekends + we had a party mid week haha) and it tastes sour now, i was worried but i guess its just 1 of those things

  45. Come on, the real distinct taste comes from Nicotene or Alcohol.
    From there you fight lack of sex or lack of hygene.
    No one wants to here is but there it is.
    A clean, non smoking virgin who washes daily is sweet to the pallet. This I know from personal exsperiance and a number of trials.
    Anyone trying to argue is not washing or has an area of pubic hair the size of central park and sweats like George Forman on Weigh in day.

  46. Since I’ve started receiving oral sex 10 years ago, I loved to kiss the guys afterward and was always pleased with the fresh mouth taste and breath. HOWEVER, beginning 4 years ago something down there went crazy. I have no std’s. Never have. No infections. If I taste myself, I taste fine. But when my boyfriend goes down on me, he has this insane indescribable breath thats not necessarily bad just so strange that is overpowering. And I get the same breath when I kiss him after oral sex. And he absolutely never ever has bad breath. It has been like this for 4 years straight. It wasn’t like this the first 6 months of the relationship. I feel like I introduced an unpleasant bacteria that is here to stay. Anyone else notice some crazy powerful breath on the person that just went down on you? yikes!

  47. i’ve always been self-conscious about my lady parts, but i refrain from doing anything that seems like it carries more risks than benefits. (i.e. douching, vaginal deodorants, etc- & who wants a vajayjay that smells like a “spring meadow” anyway? somehow i doubt most men would find the taste of “tropical breeze” a turn-on.)
    i try to focus on keeping things healthy & balanced without interfering too much, but here’s what i’ve found: antihistamines & caffeine can make me taste unpleasantly tangy & bitter. now i’m really wondering if vitamin C can do the same! omega 3 supplements can cause a mildly fishy odor; get the enteric coated ones.
    using a spermicide is horribly harsh on my lady parts; i get a nasty infection every time i use one! (forget about fish, that kind of stank is worse than low-tide!) even commercial lubrication can effect the way i taste for days afterwards. i think both of these have to do with pH balance & that kind of thing.
    speaking of pH balance- SEMEN can also really effect the way i smell/taste/etc. again, i think this has to do with pH.
    one thing i have tried that seems to help is yogurt- eating it, taking acidophillus supplements- and also putting it inside. a few spoonfuls of PLAIN, no flavors, no sugar added, no nasty chemicals yogurt in the vagina can be really soothing for unbalanced lady parts. {this isn’t medically endorsed, and it’s not a cure for anything. if you think you have an infection, go to the doctor!!! }

    things i am going to try in the future include supplements recommended for treating body odor (if it can help body odor, it can help other kinds of odors/tastes, right?) which include B vitamins (i just started taking a B vitamin complex,) as well as zinc. also, chlorophyl supplements & parsley supplements are supposed to help treat body odor as well. i haven’t tested any of these things, although i will be in the future.

    i’ve also heard great things about pineapple, but i’m not too fond of the stuff, so i haven’t tested it.

    if all else fails, maybe i’ll try this new “vajazzling” trend. my bf will be too distracted by glittering rhinestones to notice any funky smells/tastes! (::rolls eyes:: just kidding!)

  48. So I’ve read about ”Why Does My Vagina Taste Bitter Sometimes”. Now I do smoke & Drink … if I stop drinking & smoking how long will it take for that ”bitter taste” to go away? Or if there is anything I can do for that ”Bitter” taste to go away…

  49. i noticed a few months ago when my partner asked me to taste myself it tasted really sour/bitter but most of the time it tastes sweet i was thinking about what i had been eating because i heard it changes the taste alot and it wasnt what i was eating but what i was drinking. beer. we were drinking just about every other day for a few weeks and so i stopped drinking for a few nights. tasted it and it was back to normal if not sweeter.

  50. The first time I went down a girl, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! The taste was divine- sort of tangy and musty, but only slightly salty. Vaginal honey, I called it! If it was possible to bottle her juices, I would have done!

  51. Scottboy, it sounds to me like your girlfriend had used deoderant down there recently. A lot of women do this but some use a spray rather than a stick so instead of just getting the very inside of the legs, they end up spraying all over…deoderant/anti perspirant will dry up your saliva very quickly, it’s meant to absorb wetness.

  52. In Response to Scottyboy1269:

    I have noticed that ovulation changes the way women (including myself) taste and feel. the pH level of the vag in question is really the most drastic factor. I don’t really cater my diet too much. I’m a mother of two. My family likes to eat a healthy variety and it seems silly to choose the veggies I feed my family based on my sex life! Instead i eat lots of extra yogurt and fruits on my own. This works well, trust me. My husband is not shy about telling me what works or not!
    If your girlfriend’s vag is drying up your saliva, she may have too much yeast inside of her. The vag is a delicate place and liitle things like too much heat, non-cotton panties, or not enough yogurt in the diet can throw off the yeast balance.
    I hope this helps!

  53. Given that the taste of men’s “stuff” can be altered by diet (vegetarians taste better, but not as good as a soy latte, apparently…) I did some quick internet trolling, and came up with this from Salon, regarding bitter tasting va-jay-jays:
    “A popular tidbit of advice was the elimination diet. As Deb Levine, sex advice columnist on Thrive.com and author of “The Joy of Cybersex,” says, “You should experiment with your diet and with your lover by using an elimination diet or a rotation diet. Eliminate dairy products, cruciferous vegetables — cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus — which are also gas producing vegetables, and garlic and onions. The biggest rumor is that eating parsley before oral sex makes the pussy sweeter.”

    The experts agree, for the best tasting pussy, vegetarians come out ahead. John from SFSI told me that “a vegetarian diet with no saturated fats is the winner. Meats, alcohol, tobacco and drug use all make a pussy taste bitter or acidic. Pineapple and fruits make it sweeter and give it a fresher, zesty flavor. Chocolate and fats make it less fresh.” So while chocolate may help your PMS, it’s not helping the taste of your juices. But at least it’s a good substitute for love.”

    You can read the whole article here:

    Given that these are pretty siginificant dietary changes to suggest (and you know how sensitive we chicks are about our bodies!) if I may be so bold, I’d say you might want to preface any discussion with, “I’ve heard we will BOTH taste better if we try these things…” then it’s less like a criticism of her, and more like something you can do for each other, IMHO πŸ™‚

  54. I’m curious and a little frustrated… I love performing cunnilingus but am now (incredibly happily) married to woman who’s vagina is so bitter, even after showering that the idea is just a complete turn off. I’m hoping there may be a solution that could subtly brought about as I don’t wish to make her too self-conscious…. Thanks to anyone who can help.


  56. Artemis, I think the consensus is, it doesn’t matter for most mature men HOW or IF your vagina “sometimes” tastes bitter. Guys don’t worry about how their semen tastes, and we know “being married” doesn’t cause a change in vaginal secretions, and that putting sugary things into your vagina IS a bad thing to do.

    I think the thing can be summed up by saying, “Keep clean, and after that don’t worry about “taste” if you are in a relationship with a mature man. He doesn’t worry about HIS taste, or yours and mature women don’t care a whit about either.”

    Discussions evolve. Don’t quite see how that’s a “headache.” Sorry.

  57. well this has been more of a headache to read than helpful

    you went from sticking to the topic to arguing about how yeast infections starts to marriage consoling.

    Can I please get help on the question at hand?

  58. Thank you very much M L.

    I know alot of what you said is very true, but you have given me courage to try talking with him and/or using counseling. For this, I am thankful!


  59. Hi, happywife. Yes, I think counseling is a good idea. Often, physical effection, outside of sex waxes and wanes, but shouldn’t disappear completely.

    I didn’t mean to disrespect you man, but it seems he is taking you for granted.

    It IS hard to ask for what you want, but if you never do it, you continually end up frustrated, disappointed, and anger follows soon after. Before you know it, you’ll be avoiding sex altogether. (This seems to be the common route of marriages where people are ashamed or embarrassed to talk to each other about “the relationship” or sex.)

    Can you talk to him while you aren’t making love at the moment and say, “I feel like plain intercourse isn’t satisfying me. Most women only achieve orgasm and physical satisfaction through longer stimulation of the clitoris and vagina etc, as well as holding, petting and physical attention before sex. I am starting to feel frustrated and I don’t want that or the lack of my satisfaction to interfere with our love or our sex life. We need to talk about a plan.”

    Put that, of course, in your own words. BUT you must be specific! Don’t use baby words for your sex organs or “hint” (men don’t get hints, they need to be “let to water” most of the time, and usually have their damn heads forced IN.) The first time it will be HARD to do, but you will get better at it.

    As this is permeating more than just the bedroom (he seems to be ignoring your need for non-sexual physical attention as well) talking to him about counseling is a good idea. If he is resistant, GO ALONE. One of you going is better than neither of you going.

    I can pretty much guarantee that even if one of you gets counseling, it will help. (But both of you is better. Some men are resistant, so if he says, “I don’t need counseling, There;s nothing WRONG with ME!” go ALONE.)

    Counseling is one of the best ways to learn how to communicate efficiently (most of our parents NEVER taught us that) and to not only get your needs met, but make sure he gets what he needs as well. As you have probably read a million times, the thing that plagues most marriages is the lack of communication. In Love or Not, things just don’t last, and don’t continue to feel healthy if you can’t talk to each other about the things that are so important. Sex is one of those things.

    I don’t know any counselors in your area, but you can contact you health insurance online list, or call your local hospital or even ask your GYN or Internist if he or she knows a good marriage or couples counselor.

    There is NOTHING to be ashamed of. We all have needs, and we can’t expect our lovers to be psychic. Talk is good.

    Good luck, happy, I’ll be thinking of you.


    M L

  60. Madomoiselle L, thanks I think.

    I had some concerns before which I brought up to him, and his answer was he thought everything was going great!

    He doesn’t finger me anymore either, but besides this and not going down on me, we have a good physical and emotional relationship. He always holds my hand and is always generous with kisses, (altho if we’re not having sex, he will rarely just make out for the fun of it).

    Neither of us believe in divorce, so what would be some ways I can get him to realize I have a need? I know I’m a very shy person when it comes to expressing sexual wants – I’d almost rather go without than ask for something he doesn’t want to give, but I know I need more that just intercourse. Fore play is non existent! πŸ™

    I should also add to what I said before, about him saying I tasted better before we got married. We maybe had sex a dozen times before we married, and it was always months apart (long distance relationship). So its not like we were sexually active that long before we were married. Idk if that has any bearing on the problem.

    Thanks for taking time to reply.

  61. happywife, I felt so sad when I read your post. Marraige does not cause ANY physiological changes in the “taste” of the vagina or it’s fluids. How could it? Marraige is a piece of paper and a legal contract? If your man is claiming you “taste” different because you are married now, I’d cause bullshit on this.

    My guess would be, he’s getting all the sex he wants, now that he has a “contract” and doesn’t feel he needs to pleasure you anymore.

    This says a HELL of a lot more about the relationship and the kind of man, than the vagina. It’s similar to those women who quit having sex, or only “allow” sex very infrequently once they are married. They figure “I got him. What’s he going to do?” Well, divorce her, for one thing. People who get too complacent about sex after marriage and think they don’t have to try are despicable.

    GOOD spouses try even harder. Marriage is hard. GOOD spouses and partners don’t give up after the “legal” things are done. They work even harder.

    If a woman or a man “gives up” on their efforts in the bed after the vows are taken, it is not for a physical reason, it’s complacency, it’s laziness and lack of care for their lover and spouse. It’s time to get counseling, not worry about how you “taste.”

  62. I just got off the phone with I guy I have been seeing for a while. When we first started dating, I was a smoker. In meeting him, he made me want to make positive changes in my life. I quit smoking, stopped binge drinking and starting hitting the gym. He just told me that since quitting smoking, he could tell quite a difference in how I taste. I believe he used the word ‘bitter’ to describe the taste when I was a smoker. He has never mentioned my taste before, only tonite b/c we were talking about my quitting smoking. Anybody else know of smoking cigs affects your taste?

  63. I have to say I liked Szech’s post the best – most helpful πŸ™‚ but to what Biggie said, my husband has said the same thing – that I tasted better before we were married. We were just married in June, and he stopped going down on me only a month or two later. After having read all the posts, I am inclined to think he may have gone down on me before or after my period, which might be why he now doesn’t want to go south anymore. But I am nervous to ask him to try again in case he says no.

    Also, I went to my doctor since I thought I might have had genital warts, he said he didn’t think they were that, but took care of them anyways. Now I wonder, is it safe for my husband to go down on me?

    Em and Lo, can you clear up any of this?? Haven’t heard from you in a while πŸ™‚

  64. And, most sex positive, secure women don’t worry about either. I mean, be clean, but worrying too much is enough to cause problems in your relationship.

  65. how bout from a guys prospective,my wife is Very clean and beauitful,but when she cums it seems to smell a little diffrent? any ideas,pussy all smells diffrent but also the same in other ways,i for oNe LOVe pussy cant livew without it…but i dont think the smell is that great,i dont bust in her,casue i heard that can make t smell foul,its not so much foul but diffrent then when we were dating?? any help please,and for all u unsecure ladys,Guys will eat Anything,we eat bugs if we had to..pussy aint that bad…it just use to taste better before we got marrried…help plkeaze

  66. I actually read everyones comment… Quite interesting but nothing I haven’t heard before (well the gummy worm thing is a first but I agree that adding any sugary item down there will cause a pretty bad infection…but some just have to learn for themself). Me and my man have been together for six years now and we usually perform oral as a part of foreplay but I knew from day one that he wasn’t into the idea of eating a chic cuz apparently in his culture it is seen as degrading… Whatever the case, he will do it on me only cuz he knows I like it. That’s what I thought until he told me the other day he has been going me head because he fears if he doesn’t do it then I would be “on to the next one” trying to find somebody who would be willing to. So knowing he doesn’t do it out of pleasing me makes me feel like I am forcing him to… Let me stick to the topic though. When he does go down he tells me I taste like “water”, at times he says “nothing”… And one time he claims “chicken”. Now… I’m not sure boutthe diet affecting taste but I ate alot of fruits like pineapples, cantaloupe, melon, strawberries etc and yes it does make your pussy’s scent better or less strong. But taste wise when a woman is aroused her juices taste different than when she cums. When that time of month draws near it tastes more bitter but a week after it’s over everything is back to normal. Douching I hear is bad as it alters the vaginal flora. I had a friend tell me she had douches with soap and warm water and then had sex then got a yeast infection. Just a warm shower with a hypoallergenic soap such as dove will work fine. Don’t use deodrant soaps down there cuz they will dry it out and make it itchy. Summers eve has a bunch of products specially for that area. Their pussy wipes (cleaning towelettes) work great for those who r self conscious about your vaginal odor after stepping out the shower. I always taste myself before he goes down just to make sure everything is fine which it usually is. I used to be self conscious before but postive thinking helps… The more you fret about the issues the more they r likely to occur. The more u think positively the smoother things will be. It helps you gain confidence.

    Hope that helped!

  67. sleeping beauty – (feel bad calling you fat, i’ve never met you.. ;0) ) if there’s a funky, possibly fishy smell too it’s be worth getting checked out for vaginal bacteriosis. It’s not an STD, just an over proliferation of normal bacteria than live in the vagina cos everything has got a bit out of balance for some reason. Easily sorted with antibiotics. On the other front, I’ve recently fallen off the diet wagon too.. fortunately i have an active job now so I can afford to be a bit more relaxed about calories in theory but it’s annoying to fall back as i felt healthier on my diet (GI diet if you know it, lots of veg and wholefoods). Maybe try getting organised and preparing healthy meals in advance and freezing them so they’re as convenient as junk? of course i’m being lazy that way too currently too.. :0/ Exercise wise, if you’re office bound, maybe trying getting outside for a stroll every lunchtime when it’s as warm as it’s going to get this time of year? I started with that, then started swimming at lunchtime, then took a career change and i’m now unlikely to spend any of my working day inside and sitting down (a little extreme/unachievable for most people probably but doing me the world of good)

  68. This discussion board is really interesting to read.

    well,i have noticed that my vagina is bitter. it got me worried, cuz i havent noticed it before.
    but it got me thinking. i have gained a few kg in the past two weeks. i’ve been eating junk food and not many fruit and veggies. basically my diet has turnd almost 270 degrees. and also i have started to use bus rather then bike to get around (due to the snow and cold). could those be the reasons why the taste of my vagina has changed.
    otherwise i take showers regulary and avoid any fancy lubes or other weird things (no gummy worm taste down there!!).
    also, a little off the topic; what can help me to get motivated and back on my previous diet? i really want to lose the gained wheight and get helthy again.
    Thank You.

  69. the gummy worms post invaded my brain, and nearly made me giggle, at a very intimate moment the other night.. surfice to say, given the enormous (;0)) enthusiasm for me au naturel I definitely don’t think he’s want me tasting of gummyworms ;0)

  70. so i have gone down and read every post and i totally agree with Madamoiselle if i guy loves you then he is going to love the way you taste no matter what im a young mother and me and my guy have been together going on five years now and the only time he has been a little iffy about going down on me is right after i had the baby and he said it was not because of the taste but of what he had just seen and to the girl who posted to use powdered sugar you are SO SO SO SO WRONG and i really hope you never have to experence as bad of a yeast infection you can get also ladies watch out for the his and her lubs it also has been known to cause bad bad yeast infections and about the toys and stuff to be honest i think i would rather have young teens using toys on them selfs then out there having sex with who ever but thats just my opinion

  71. I agree about “moralistic” lawmakers attempting to make a crime out of love. We all know a number of them would. (And then the leader would get caught on video with one of his pages doing him, tied up, and gagged with a strap on, but that’s an other story….. πŸ˜‰ )

    What we have now is lots of toys, lubes, condoms, etc which may be ineffective or even dangerous, and no way to take care of it.

    I don’t know what the answer is.

  72. I don’t think I would want to give the government control over that personally. As much as I feel that regulation is in need, sex is, unfortunately, still primarily a morally driven issue in this country … I just worry that a bunch of moralistic Representatives and Senators would get their panties in a bunch and try to outlaw the sex industry (or something along those lines).

    I think that a standard protocol of listing what is actually used in the creation of those things would be a good idea… I just worry about the government taking it too far.

  73. I agree, Elizabeth, and so does my man (and my man is twice your man’s age) He doesn’t want Gummy Worm flavored pussy. (Now, a nice scotch on the rocks……j/k) In my case, (MANY years ago, when I was a teenager) even the flavored lubes would give me a yeast infection. Most likely due to the glycerin, but who knows? We used to buy that stuff at Spencer’s and it may have contained some sort of sugar, in the bad old 70s. Quality control not being as it is now (which isn’t saying much, as sex toys etc are STILL not regulated by the FDA.)

    I am guessing that due to the name “littlekidlover” (ca-reepy) this was a not serious post.

    I have a question, due to the problems with unregulated lubes, sex toys made with stuff you’d never want to put in your mouth, much less your nether regions, etc, is goverment control or at least regulation something people want? (No more phtalate filled “jelly rubber” carcinogenic, stinky, cheap sex toys, but who knows WHAT the government would do to the Industry we all know and love.) Or would simply a standard protocol to LIST what the toys, gels, lubes etc are made of be better?

    Em&Lo, I hope I didn’t hijack the thread. I’m just interested in what people think about the control of quality in sex toys and lubes from a Body which could actually protect us.

  74. Okay, first and formost, why the hell is your name “little kid lover?” Perv! That is very sick. Second, you’re an idiot if you are putting that crap down there. But maybe if you are what your name states then you deserve it.

  75. Um… I really am not going to try and alter the taste of my vagina in a way that can cause MASSIVE yeast infections. Sorry, but even mild yeast infections are a kind of discomfort sent straight from hell. And honestly, I don’t see why you would either. Oral sex is not a good enough trade off.

    And on top of that, how old are the men you date? Because I don’t know ONE man my age (which is 23) who would want to eat out a girl who tasted like gummyworms (based on an informal survey of my friends). Sorry, but that’s a) creepy and b) not what they’re looking for.

    Madamoiselle L is definitely right – REAL men don’t complain about the taste of a clean vaginal area. It’s supposed to taste like that – NOT like some child’s candy.

  76. I second Nika’s statement. NEVER put anything with sugar, honey, or other sweet foods into your vagina. The nastiest yeast infection of your life is awaiting you.

    Adult men are not afraid of the taste of a nice, clean, un”flavored” pussy. Flavored anything (including lubes) are for kids just starting out, and most of them will cause vaginal infections and penis irritation as well. Don’t be afraid of the taste and smell of genitals. They are YUMMY! Just as they are

    Use a good unflavored, non glycerin lube (like KY gel or Astroglyde green cap) or silicone lube ONLY IF you are not using silicone toys. (Sorry. but I don’t buy some of the Toy industries conviction that “good medical grade” silicone won’t melt on contact with silicone lube, it will.)

    But, please, keep the sugar and other flavorings out of your pussy. Pussy should taste like…..PUSSY. Experienced men and women everywhere agree.

  77. I found that if you put powered sugar down there, it’ll taste like gummy worms. Most of My men..wait no, ALL of my men love it.

  78. Young but worried – I really wouldn’t worry, to put it bluntly, would you expect to like the taste of another woman? if no, then you’re probably not wired that way and you can’t really be surprised that you don’t want to lap your taste up like it’s a new flavour of ice-cream.. I’d be willing to bet he wouldn’t much like the taste of him either, but he’ll go crazy for yours.. ;0) cos unlike food, it’s not just about the taste, but where it’s served and other things, like f*ck me pheromones you’re pumping out down there which will make him very hot for you :0) on a practical front, keep clean, just with plain soap and water or mild shower gel (I use sanex, don’t know if that’s available in the US?) wear panties with a cotton gusset so your bits can breathe and don’t faff around with douches or vaginal deodarants, the guy isn’t going down there for the taste of summer flowers or whatever and you’re more likely to get funky smells/yeast infections etc if you’re putting to many products down there… Hope that helps :0)

  79. Im young, and my boyfriend wants to lick me out, and i want him too. so the other day i was thinking and i thought what if it taste bad, so i took a taste myself, unfortunately it tasted foul and I really need help to make it taste better πŸ™

  80. Hum, I am an older woman and I have those same “immature” insecurities. Please don’t brush off others so easliy. It can affect your life, regardless of how much you try to ignore it.
    For years I have been tested and prodded to find some relief from thick, sour discharge. Not once did I have an infection of some sort. I followed all the guidelines….cotton panties(wearing sexy underwear makes the smell even worse), no douching(though after the age of 30 I finally just started doing it), drink plenty of water. Been told to douche with watered down hydrogen peroxide by my doc. Told to stop sleeping around(at the age of 16, never been with a man at that point). I finally just gave up when they said it is just all in your head. Even after having someone hand me a bottle of baby powder saying I could really use it. Or cuddling with my 2 year old and her saying I am stinky.

    It is embarrasing. I stopped dating seriously 10 years ago because I felt disgusting. I am constantly aware of my smell. I am a very healthy, clean, vibrant woman who happens to have a not so happy outlook with her vagina.

  81. I notice a LOT of very young women responding to this post. Ladies, there is a hell of a lot MORE to whether or not your man goes down than “how you taste.” Most GROWN men don’t care and don’t notice the “taste” (unless you are unclean) and love oral sex. Inexperienced men and women tend to have issues with things like “taste” etc.

    Men who will not give oral usually refuse NOT because of “taste” but because they are selfish and immature bastards or have vagiphobia. RUN do not walk from such man/boys.

    I do, subliminally notice my dh’s semen changes taste, according to what he eats, drinks, when he exercises a lot, how much fluid he drinks. The “taste” of his ejaculate makes NO difference whether I give him head. I do it because I LOVE it, and because HE LOVES it. I know my taste changes, because I love when he kisses me during the act, and I also give him head frequently when we take small breaks from intercouse. It’s NO big deal ever.

    Neither of us have EVER mentioned the changes in taste to the other, mainly because we are beyond such silly expenditures of energy. WHO CARES? If you are healthy, and clean, the taste may change, but it SHOULD have NO impact on whether or not your man Goes Down. If it does, he needs to grow up. I am usually more tolerant of things, but this is silly silly silly silly thing to worry about.

    A mature grown man does what pleases you, and doesn’t care about a minor change in “taste.” I can’t even remember the last time I even THOUGHT about this issue, nor has my Man. Please ladies, focus on other things during sex. (like having a GOOD time and also pleasing your lover.) As long as you are clean, he should be giving you head. If he isn’t, the relationship most likely isn’t mature enough to continue.

    As for the girl who said “don’t let him go down on you if he mentioned it.” Does SHE go without oral sex? She expects YOU to. (My guess is she doesn’t have sex regularly yet, or would not have mentioned such a NONWORKABLE idea.) Ridiculous. Ignore such unfounded information from an obviously uninformed and inexperienced GIRL. Mutual oral sex is a normal part of a normal sex life, and worrying about things like this is not worth the trouble. Focus on perfecting your technique and learning new things.

    As long as you are clean, and uninfected “taste” plays little role in whether or not you get him to Go South. Adult men will Go South if you give head for them. Selfish little boy/men are afraid of dark, sticky, gooey places and are best left alone to masturbate.

    As for the girl who “does know how” to eat asparagus (which my the way, doesn’t make your Yoni taste particularly sweet, it often makes it taste similarly to asparagus pee, kinda funky, however, if you are an adult, WHO CARES?) To eat asparagus, you steam it, butter, salt and cover it with balsamic vinegar (now here is the important part) and then put it in your mouth and chew it and swallow it. See? That was easy. You can omit the balsamic vinegar if you like. ALL other vegetables follow the same ritual, cook (or eat raw) put salt or other seasoning on it, bite or cut, chew and swallow. Now, wasn’t that easy? Vegetables are NOT difficult to “eat.” Really. You may also want to borrow a copy of “The Joy of Cooking” from the library, and get some ideas on how to cook foods other than the few you mentioned. EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS, please.

  82. My boyfriend and I just noticed the other day that I taste different. More acidic/sour. Typically I taste like salty honey, or so he says. I am about to start my period so I’m guessing that the change in taste is due to the hormonal changes of my period that’s about to start. I’m hoping that this will go back to normal after my period because he tells me alllll the time how much he loves the way I taste and that he misses it πŸ™ It’s not offensive and I don’t have an odor, but I definitely have more of a taste that reminds me closest of vinegar (on a much lesser scale)

  83. Hi,
    I have noticed my vagina changes taste regularly and smell. I notice if i am feeling bad about myself or have been sitting around worrying, my vagina will have a very offensive smell even after a shower. If I have been busy with other things and feel very positive about myself and beautiful i will have no odour and little taste.
    Kind regards

  84. Women’s vaginal pH needs to be a bit acidic to keep yeast at bay. The water, fruits, and veggies is really good but don’t forget to eat yogurt or take acidophilus regularly, especially if you take medications, particularly anti-biotics. Acidophilus supplements are in most big supermarkets and health food stores – aim for the ones that don’t require refrigeration … it gets to be a pain if you travel a lot!

    Hope that helps!

  85. i’ve had one guy go down on me before.
    he said he really liked it.
    but when i did a taste test on myself, it was really gross and bitter. so im working on eating more fruits and drinking more water. because i told my bestfriend [who happens to be in love with me] that he could eat me out. and i dont want it to be bitter when he does.

  86. i havent changed my diet, i havent drank water in almost 3 to 4 months i do drink alot of beer, my girfriend said that i taste bitter and i do, she wont give me oral sex cause she think ive been with a man and i dont do men, i want to know why the change in taste when i wasnt like this before.

  87. My husband and I have been together for six years and married for one. We have been sexually active with one another for five years. Everytime we have sex he would perform on me and I would perform on him. I’ve been smoking cigarettes for four years and I slowed down dramatically when I got pregnant in 2007(from needing my own pack to two cigarettes a day or non at all). My husband didn’t know about my smoking while pregnant. My daughter was born very healthy weighing 7lbs and 15oz and measuring 19 1/2 in. After I gave birth to her I went back to needing my own pack. And that’s when my husband slowed down with oral on me. My diet changed to eating whatever I wanted, when before I cared about what I ate (even before I got pregnant). I am working on quitting cigarettes and I am proud of myself because I’m doing better than I did when I was prego. I’m watching what I’m eating, too. Now,…I can’t really remember what I smelled and tasted like when we first started dating. But I know he LOVED going down on me. I don’t smell bad and I don’t taste bad. But he’s not going down on me frequently anymore, so I KNOW my taste and smell is not the same. I been reading different things on the internet for the past two/three hours and everyone is same the same thing. “Eat more fruit and vegetables.” I don’t need to be told to stop smoking because this I already know will affect my body in more than many ways. It’s been said to get pineapple juice, cranberry juice, and strawberries in your diet. And vegetables, too. Like asparagus. For one, I don’t know how to eat it. I HAVE tried it once in my cooking class back in high school and I didn’t like it. And I don’t know what other vegetables to eat. We eat baked beans, corn, mashed potatoes, and ceaser salad. I know out of those I named are not considered vege’s if at all. In general, I want to get my body to a more healthy state and get better benefits in the bedroom,too. Any advice or facts are greatly appreciated and welcomed. I just need help. I am also a little concerned with the decrease in self lub I am producing. Sometimes it’s good and sometime’s I need more. We tried lub you buy from the store and we do not like it. I have a REALLY good hunch that this also has something to do with what I’m putting in my body. Please email me with your advice/facts at porshiawillis@live.com thanl you.

  88. I wouldn’t receive oral sex from him any further. He probably doesn’t want to do it. He’s just pretending to be nice. If he felt that way, he would have never mentioned it in the first place.

  89. my husband says my vagina is bitter, but he has no problem giving me oral, i on the other hand sometimes feel uncomfortable even tho he says it okay with him cause he loves me. i notice it more after eating onions, garlic and junk foods also when i have to use the bathroom and i don’t go right away.what i suggest is that you eat healthy . ps. if he dose not have a problem with it don’t worry its normal.

  90. Every time my girlfriend has tasted salty/sweet. Today however, i noticed after a while she started producing A LOT more fluid and it tasted bitter.

    any ideas on what this could be?

  91. i definetly taste some differences in my woman’s vagina during oral sex the worst is a day or 2 after period so i usually know to stay away
    other than that i think every woman has their own scent and some are stronger than others i also think it might have a lot to do with the diet and higene one girl i had ate alot of pickles and jar jalapenos and currys and she always had some scent another girl was almost vegetarian and she had a fresher smell but still there was a smell not a bad but like i said everyone has a scent.

  92. My S/O has always made the comment that pineapple was supposed to make you taste sweet, and since he loves to spend a lot of time in that area, I have always tried to eat a lot of pineapple, which I love. Two birds with one stone.

  93. I find I am extremely extremely acidic before my period and I can smell a difference when I change my underwear every morning. Not horrible or bad, just strong. My bf doesn’t like to give oral then, heh. And then that lasts until probably 3 days after my period. I don’t notice a huge difference with food or anything otherwise.

    There is a day or two during the month when I smell especially good, fresher and more salty, and I always have assumed I’m ovulating.

  94. When my girlfriend was taking antibiotics after a sugery I noticed that she didn’t smell or taste like she usually does. About 24 hours after she stopped taking the meds, she was back to normal. I also notice that both our tastes change throughout our cycles. I’ve always found this to be normal, but I know my body well enough to notice when something seems “off”. Usually that means I’ve got a yeast infection coming on, or that my body is fighting another illness.

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