Scientists Debunk Beer Goggles Theory

coyote_uglyphoto by twodolla

Turns out you can no longer blame booze the next time you wake up in a coyote ugly situation. In fact, researchers at the University of Leicester in England found that drinking alcohol actually reduces the attractiveness of the opposite sex. Participants in the study, in various stages of intoxication, were shown photos of people and asked to rate their attractiveness. The results also showed that alcohol and make-up barely affect a man’s ability to guess a woman’s age.

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  1. Alcohol reduces your judgement and your inhibitions, not your aesthetic sensibilities. So no, she won’t actually look more attractive when you’re drunk. But yes, you are much more likely to sleep with her anyway.

  2. When ever I am out drinking or not, the lighting in bathrooms makes me look like an old hag.I started putting on more make-up when I went to work because I thought the lighting in the building was making me look ugly. It’s not just you I think it happens to everyone, the lighting in bathrooms in bars can be especially bad. Fluorescent lighting is no one’s friend.

  3. Too funny. I know when I am out for a night on the town I notice that I look worse as the night goes on. Every time I take a trip to the restroom and look in the mirror, I’m shocked at the difference, and no amount of makeup touch-up seems to help. So is it my sense of perception, or is it the drunkeness causing the muscle in my face to droop like the rest of me as the night wears on? LOL

  4. I really wish I’d had this info the last time a woman came up to me and said “You’re gorgeous!” before I assumed that she was either beer goggling or insane.

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