The 10 Best Intercourse Positions for Small Penises

Last week we told you about 15 Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Penis in Bed. We basically covered everything except plain old intercourse, because sex involves so much more than in-out penetration. In fact, for many women, the old in-out is the least likely route to their orgasm.

That all said, intercourse can be pretty fun, too! So here are 10 positions (for male-female intercourse) that are well-suited for a smaller than average penis. More than just well-suited, actually: many of these positions feel better with a smaller than average penis. Take note, ladies!

1. Reverse Cowgirl

Any woman on top position is great, but this one is extra fun. He is on his back and she sits on top of him, facing away. He can lie down if he wants to relax and enjoy the ride. Or, if he wants to reach around to her clitoris with a hand or a toy — highly recommended — he might find it easier to sit up, leaning back against a wall or headboard. If she’s down with a little anal play, this is also a perfect opportunity to tease her with a well-lubed pinkie back there.

2. The Tight Squeeze

She lies flat on her stomach with her legs together, and he enters her from behind. She may need to part her legs slightly to let him in, but then she can squeeze them together again — or he can push her legs together with his hands. The more she squeezes her thighs and butt, the more snug this position will feel. He can either sit up, or lean forward, so long as he’s supporting himself and not crushing her with his full weight. When her legs are together like this, her labia will be stimulated, which is likely to apply pleasant pressure on the clitoris, too. Sliding a small, body-conscious, pebble-style vibrator under her body (we love the Nea by LELO) is even better — she can move her hips to grind against the toy (or her hand) at her whim. Try adding a pillow beneath her hips or belly, too, in order to arch her body toward his — both partners may find this more comfortable.

The great thing about this position is that it allows for deeper penetration and a tighter fit, taking care of both length and girth issues in one fell swoop. If you find penetration tricky starting in this position, then begin with Doggy Style (see below) and slide down into the Tight Squeeze. Switch it up: If he can angle his penis down in this position, by moving his body up higher, he may be able to stimulate her G-spot, too.

3. The Shoulder Stand

She lies on her back, supporting her weight on her shoulders and arms, and he kneels in front of her and raises her hips to his penis. She rests an ankle on each of his shoulders (or both ankles on one of his shoulders, whichever feels better). Raising her hips in a sharp angle like this allows for deeper penetration — it’s one of those positions that probably feels uncomfortable or even painful with a larger penis. Switch it up: She lies on an elevated surface, e.g. a tall bed, while he stands.

4. Doggy Style

Or doggie style, if you think the “i” makes this position seem more approachable (just please don’t dot the i with a heart!). Any rear entry position is good for more modestly sized penises, as this allows for deeper entry, and doggy style is a classic of the genre, as they say in the biz. She supports herself on her knees and either her hands or forearms. If he leans forward over her back, getting as much body contact as possible, this position can feel incredibly intimate. You can take it in turns stimulating her clitoris with a hand or toy.

If you’re looking for kinky rather than intimate, then this is an ideal position for spanking, so long as she’s down with this. A good spank can reverberate throughout her vagina, making penetration feel even more pleasant. This position can nicely transition into the “Tight Squeeze” (see above). Switch it up: She can bend over a low piece of furniture to make this position feel even dirtier — and that piece of furniture will conveniently stimulate her clitoris, too. If she bends over something higher, he can stand, which will help him thrust up, toward her G-spot. These variations may also help her spread her legs a little wider, allowing him to penetrate even more deeply.

5. Folded Missionary

Sure, rear entry and woman-on-top positions are ideal for smaller penises, but that doesn’t mean there’s no missionary in your future. You just have to know how to make it work for you. A cushion under her hips will help, as this arches her back, leading to deeper penetration. The real key to deeper penetration, though, is bending her legs back toward her head. If she’s on the less flexible end of the spectrum, then she can just pull up her knees toward her chest and he can press down on them (just not too hard — he needs to support his own weight!). If she’s more of a yoga type, she can loop her knees all the way over his shoulders, if he’s leaning close to her, or place her ankles on his shoulders, if he’s in a more upright position. And if she crosses her feet/ankles behind his head, she’ll contract her inner thigh muscles and pelvic floor muscles, which will cause her vagina to hug him tighter.

Again, this is one of those positions that is often too intense and deep with a larger penis. Note: The more a woman raises her legs like this, the farther your penis will be from her clitoris, which means you should pay it extra special attention, either with your hands or a small vibrating toy. Switch it up: She crosses her legs, pretzel-style, which rotates her hips and raises the angle. This sounds like a position meant for yogis, but it’s surprisingly achievable for mere mortals, too.

6. Never Let Me Go

This is another form of missionary that will work for you: She wraps her (straight, or slightly bent) legs around him and grips him with her entire lower body. She grinds into him, pulling him close to her, and she uses her lower body strength to control the entire thing — movement, speed, rhythm. Some people call this the Vice Grip position, but we think Never Let Me Go sounds more romantic, don’t you? Switch it up: She can put her legs underneath him and close them tightly together, squeezing her thighs/legs/kegels like she’ll never let him go from this position, either. Hopefully, that emotion is a good feeling for both of you! (If not, may we suggest a game of chess instead?)

7. The Rocking Cowgirl

He lies on his back and she sits on top of him, facing him. Except instead of bouncing up and down on his penis like he’s a kids’ hop ball, she rocks her body back and forth, going slowly enough to appreciate all the parts of her vagina his penis touches. Remember, small penises are often better at stimulating her G-spot, as this potential hot spot is located just a few inches into the vagina, on the upper wall. (We’ve even heard some women claim that they can only ejaculate with a smaller than average penis!) Switch it up: If she leans all the way forward in this position, she can rub her clitoris against his pelvis while she rocks.

8. The Coital Alignment Technique

This missionary position is about full-body contact, with a focus on the clitoris and pelvic mounds — in other words, the focus of the Coital Alignment Technique (a.k.a. C.A.T.) is not on the length or girth of his penis. For a step-by-step guide to this zen-like style of intercourse, check out our Coital Alignment Technique how-to article. Switch it up: May we suggest a round of Reverse Coital Alignment Technique, too?

9. Scissor Sister

She lies flat on her back with one leg stretched out straight and the other leg bent at the knee. He straddles her extended leg, holding onto her bent knee for leverage if necessary. In this position, he can get every inch of his penis into her vagina. Even better, this position provides maximum genital to genital contact, meaning it’s the best chance at stimulating her labia and clitoris. Remember: the more she’s stimulated externally, the less pressure there is on his penis to get the job done internally. Switch it up: She can sit up and put her arms around him for a more intimate version with extended eye contact.

10. The Spork

She lies on her side, with her top leg raised a little. He straddles her bottom leg, which will offer a unique angle of penetration — it’s the ideal way to explore potential new hot spots inside her vagina. He might find that he has to angle his body lower to insert his penis fully. Switch it up: If he angles his hips toward her butt, this may help his penis hit her G-spot (assuming she’s into G-spot stimulation — remember, not all women are!). Kink it up: If he holds her wrists behind her back (with her permission, duh), her back will naturally arch, and you’ll add a whole kinky BDSM element to the position.

Remember, though, at the end of the day: Intercourse is just one element of great sex! If you need a reminder, check out our 15 Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Penis in Bed.