The GQ Interview with Rielle Hunter

photo from GQ.com

Have you read the no-holds-barred GQ interview with Rielle Hunter, John Edwards’ mistress during his presidential campaign and father of her only child? It’s required reading. Not necessarily for the intimate behind-the-scene details you learn about Edwards’ relationships, both with Hunter and his wife Elizabeth, but for the voyeuristic door it opens into the mind of someone living on another planet. According to the GQ intro, “There were no conditions, no ground rules, no topics or questions that were off-limits. Just a request that her words be her words, unfiltered and unspun.” So you do feel like you’re getting an accurate picture of Hunter’s psychological perspective, and it is toad-licking crazy. However, she is so dedicated to her world view, so wholly immersed in her brand of crazy, that she actually starts to sound sane at times. It’s such a coup of an interview (it’s Hunter’s first, and she was unpaid for it!), that you can almost forgive GQ — almost — for convincing Hunter to pose in a man’s white button-down on a bed of stuffed animals. Ugh.

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  1. That’s interesting to see how we can blind ourselves to the truth when it doesn’t match our expectations. Loved the part where she says she doesn’t understand why the public see Edwards as a piece of garbage when it’s clear to her he is an angel sent by God to cure AIDS (maybe not her exact words).
    Yet, I couldn’t read more than two pages. Miss Hunter is so delusional, it’s just scary, but I don’t feel a hint of compassion for her just because she’s out of her glittery mind. She made her choices, period. I only feel sorry for her child, publicly rejected by her father because she was not convenient.

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