Top 10 Items to Pack for Summer Vacation (We’re Not Talking Sunscreen)

Don’t waste precious suitcase space on sunscreen this summer vacation—you can buy that when you arrive. But here are 10 items that you probably won’t be able to find at the resort, so pack them for guaranteed high temperatures, no matter what the weather is like. You might want to put them in your checked luggage to avoid a red-faced encounter at security—and if you’re not going anywhere this summer, keep these items in your bedroom and just pretend!

1. Red Hot Erotica ($14.99)
Alison Tyler makes us feel like total slackers. Every time we turn around, she’s edited a new erotica anthology. This heat-themed collection—with stories of sweaty sheets, poolside romance, and beach love—is a perfect summer read. If you’ve got a really short attention span, try Five Minute Erotica instead, edited by our friend Carol Queen.

2. Set of Four Travel Candles ($12.99)
Want to create ambience wherever you go? Even if you’re staying in a Motel 8 and the room smells like a damp dog, you can bring along this set of soy travel candles in four summertime fragrances, from gardenia to cotton clean (which promises to remind you of clean linens hanging outside on a summer’s day).

3. Intimate Organics Massage Oil ($16.59)
If you want the memories of this vacation to last longer than your tan, then choose a new scented product to take along with you. Scent is the closest thing tied to memory—so when you use this product back at home, you’ll be reminded of that awesome sultry vacation sex. Intimate Organics Massage Oil has a scent that is lightly sweet without being feminine or food-like (and it’s 100 percent vegan, too!). It won’t stain the sheets and it absorbs completely, so you won’t feel like you need a shower after using it. Warm up your massage skills on the beach using sunscreen, then take things a little further with Intimate Organics when you’re behind closed doors.

4. Minivibe Spring by Fun Factory ($72.99)
Anything by Fun Factory is built to last, so you can be sure this mini vibe will be with you for many vacations to come. Its size makes it the perfect travel companion, and is waterproof, in case your room comes with a private hot tub or pool.

5. Kama Sutra Honey Dust ($18.99)
Soothe slightly sunburned skin with this light, scented, edible body powder that you apply gently with a sensual feather duster (included). It’s available in Honeysuckle or Strawberry (we’d vote for the Honeysuckle). This is the travel-size version, so you won’t feel like you’re lugging around a giant can of protein powder in your suitcase.

6. Hello Kitty Vibrator ($29.99)
This vibrator is so cute it will look completely harmless in your luggage or on your hotel nightstand! (No need to tip the housekeeper extra to make up for your embarrassment if you forget to hide it away.) Plus, it’s travel-sized, and is the perfectly cheery light-hearted accessory for summer love.

7. Vanilla Bondage Kit ($15.59)
Vacation sex is a great excuse to experiment. Since nobody has to get up for work early in the morning, you can take your time and try out new things. Of course, not everyone wants to take a strap-on in their carry-on luggage, so this kit is for people who want to try the lighter side of kink. The packaging is too cute (it looks like a pint of vanilla ice cream) and includes two long silky ties and a blindfold. (Especially handy these days, when airlines cutbacks make it nearly impossible to get a free sleeping mask anymore…) Sure, there’s a lot of gimmick to this kit, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need to give you the excuse to role-play a little—especially if one of you is slightly shy.

8. Touché Ice Vibrator ($27.99)
Cool down with this vibrating ice massager that contains a vibrator bullet inside that you “ice” for temperature play. And unlike an actual ice cube, your partner won’t freeze their fingers off holding it.

9. Contour Q Massage Balls ($24.99)
Sex on vacation is all about taking your time—so prolong foreplay with these massage balls by JimmyJane. This high-end toy is ceramic, so they can be used with or without lotion or oil, which allows you to experiment with the different textures on the balls. And because ceramic holds temperature so well, you can experiment with temperature by putting them in hot or cold water (they’re waterproof) or in the refrigerator to see how your partner likes the different sensations. The best part is that they’re beautiful enough to pass for fancy salt and pepper shakers in your suitcase, and small enough to fit in your dop kit. In other words, there’s no excuse not to bring them along.

10. The Naughty Weekender Kit ($28.99)
Feeling cheeky? Or hoping you can convince your partner to feel that way? This kit has everything you need to take your evening from sensual to saucy. Start with the tea lights, move onto the warming massage oil, and eventually break out the body candy, blindfold, and adult-rated spinner game full of dirty dares and role-playing ideas. Don’t forget to put out the “Do Not Disturb” sign first.

This article also appeared in EdenFantasys’ Sexis