Top 10 Striptease Tips

The traditional striptease is not for everyone: some consider it the ultimate display of female sexual power, reducing male viewers to quivering bowls of jelly, while others find it embarrassing or even demeaning. One thing’s for sure: many a man truly enjoys the visual, so an erotic dance can be a generous gift. This is not to suggest that the ladies don’t like to look too. Or that a striptease can’t be a joint effort or a male endeavor — we think it should be, and often. Therefore a woman should feel free to tell her fella, “You first” or “Now your turn!” But for the sake of simplicity, the following tips are written assuming the lady in the relationship wants to be the first to perform. By the way, don’t think you need the body of a model or stripper to dance suggestively for your partner. He’ll be focused on the show, not on your so-called imperfections.  You go-go girl!  (Just please don’t install a pole in your bedroom.)

  1. Rent 9 1/2 Weeks to learn from Kim Basinger’s striptease: the outfit, the moves, the music, the shy-cheeky-sexy attitude (just ignore the disturbing plot line).
  2. Dance to a song that you’ll both enjoy — you should feel sexy moving to it, but he shouldn’t be thinking, “I can’t believe she’s still into boy bands.”
  3. Wear a shirt with buttons: it automatically creates 10 extra moves! Play peek-a-boob with each side. Once it’s undone, turn your back on him and shimmy it off your shoulders before dropping it to the floor. Oh, and don’t wear tight pants or jeans. Because if you can look sexy while you take those off, then you can quit your day job. Instead, wear a pencil skirt that you can push down (while bending forward with your back or side to him) and then step out of. Throw clothes in his direction as you remove them.
  4. Practice removing your stockings ahead of time. For extra balance (and teasing), place your toes between his legs or on the arm of his chair while you push the stockings down.
  5. If you’ve got long hair, put it in a loose updo that you can pull out during your finale.
  6. Do it in heels and don’t take them off (except to remove stockings – and you could even put the heels back on once the stockings are off).
  7. Don’t forget the tease part of “striptease”: slow down! Fancy moves are less important than simply taking your time with each layer. So pull your skirt up or your underwear down a few inches before removing, push your bra straps off your shoulders before turning away to unclasp, and don’t get completely naked until the very end — and even then, tease him with a back view until he can’t take it anymore.
  8. Remember that a strip is in the hips: keep them moving. Some other good moves: Turn sideways and arch your back a little with hands on hips and elbows pressed back. Also, lean forward toward him, feet together, hands on knees, arms straight: he’ll enjoy the perspective. And put your arms up in the air and cross your wrists while you move your hips side to side, or trace a body part – thighs, stomach, opposite arm, hips, breasts – with your fingers. Then walk towards him (one foot all the way in front of the other, like you’re on a catwalk) and loop his tie or a piece of your clothing around his neck to pull him closer to your face or cleavage.
  9. Use your surroundings: The wall — lean your back against it and writhe, or slide down into a squat and up again (so long as you’re sure your thighs are strong enough to get you back up effortlessly). The door jam — span the gap with your arms and legs and move your hips. And a chair — straddle it backwards or sit in it sideways to remove each thigh-high stocking with pointed foot in the air.
  10. Maintain eye contact at all times. If your back is turned, glance over your shoulder. If you need a break, look down coyly then back up at him, like, “Who me? Strip?”

Okay, now it’s his turn. So tell us, how should a guy strip for his partner? Share your tips in the comments below.



  1. Just wanted to say that as a pole dancer, I’m a bit miffed that you’re using a photo with a pole in it to talk about stripping. POLE DANCERS ARE NOT STRIPPERS! How many times do we have to go through this?

    1. It was just a simple little pic!! It could have been of a damn cat or panties or Anything along Any type of line Anywhere around that! Relax, geez!

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