Top 10 Things We Learned from EMandLO.com Commenters This Year
  1. Size doesn’t matter. Skills do.
  2. The Nuva Ring is one of the most confusing birth control methods out there. (Either that, or EMandLO.com was the only place online in 2009 giving out decent info on it.)
  3. If you want support for your cheating ways, don’t come here.
  4. A lot of straight guys are into a little anal play.
  5. If you’re 38 and want a baby but he’s not ready, he never will be (at least not with you).
  6. Sex on the first date is not a relationship killer (so long as your first date isn’t with an asshole).
  7. People against circumcision are better at arguing their position than people who are for it.
  8. Surprise, surprise: Guys are very happy to go into great, descriptive detail about what makes a great BJ.
  9. “Melon balling” is officially the new name for “titty fucking.”
  10. Blue balls exist.


  1. Dave W, it’s like you’ve looked into our souls and seen the truth. A++ for reading comprehension!

  2. Did you actually learn number 1, Em and Lo, especially after quasi-endorsing size tattoos in your response, like a pair of idly gossiping high school girls? And what of the legions of male commenters making commiserating/fearful/bragging/imagining/angry/proud comments? What of this letter consistently being one of the most commented on?

    If anything, you learned/are learning that it is impossible to open a can of worms and then close it with some wanna-be conclusive statement like, “Size doesn’t matter, skills do.” It could be just a hunch, but I don’t think many people in your forum are saying or believing what you have miraculously “learned.” Go back and re-read: everyone has an opinion; many seem to be in the grips of painful insecurity; others, particularly a few girls, seem to subtly exploit it. Some female commenters hold your “size doesn’t matter” position, some, it seems, don’t quite.

    Point is, regardless of what you have now learned—or perhaps selectively learned, as the case may be—size matters a lot to MEN. It matters especially when a misrepresentative letter receives a response that leaves the door a bit open on the question of whether men should be categorized by the size of their genitals. C’mon Em and Lo! Be in other’s shoes!

    So now you may have “learned” that size doesn’t matter. You might even honestly hold that opinion—having found it to be true through your own experiences. But you also opened a can of worms (or letter, if you’re not following the metaphor) that screams to many others: Size sure does matter! And you didn’t address the letter in a way that saved some, probably numerous, men from insecurity and hurt. No. On the contrary, you played into that insecurity just a bit. With number 1 on this list, are you guys now trying to have it both ways—thinking, “first we’ll tackle a wild and rather fringe matter of size (without grasping its ramifications, I might add), and then we’ll say, case solved, ‘size doesn’t matter, skills do'”? I don’t think that’s what the commenters said, especially not the men involved (those who chime in all the time with their measurements or too much information on their girlfriend’s size preferences). I think that’s what you guys say, now in minor sort of damage-repair function. Or perhaps a sudden conscience check.

    Don’t get me wrong. I commend your efforts. I’m just not so sure that you learned what you say you learned.

  3. Top 6 things I learned about Em & Lo in 2009:

    1) They mention Brazilian Fart Porn every chance they get

    2) They really really detest phthalates

    3) Goatees turn them off

    4) They like Haiku

    5) They watch bad TV

    6) They don’t care for Anna Paquin’s ‘face twitching” style of acting

  4. figleaf, when I can’t get there, I often complain to my Man (not his fault, but I’m uncomfortable, so I tell him) “My eggs (my word for ovaries) are aching.” Don’t know how catchy that is, though.

    Achey eggs? Nah.

    We’ll have to come up with something better than that.

  5. I’m with impoddity. Just those 10 posts were informative and there are scores more that were just as interesting. Thanks for a wonderful year.


    p.s. after rereading the comments from post #10 I’m wondering if some time in the new year you’d consider running a contest to name… whatever it is we should call the corresponding ache more than a few women said they feel after prolonged arousal.

  6. You guys are a (very informative) laugh. Thanks for the great year! Looking forward to another one for 2010. 😀

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