Top 10 Tips for Finding a Sex Toy That’s Good for Your Body

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In honor of today being World Sexual Health Day, our friends at LELO have put together their top ten tips on selecting a sex toy that ensures sexual well-being. Because at least half of what’s out there shouldn’t go anywhere near your private parts! Especially anything labeled “for novelty use only.” Remember, the sex toy industry is still largely unregulated (unlike, say, kid toys or even dog toys) — which means that the onus is on you, dear reader, to find out for yourself what is and isn’t good for your body.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 tips (and they apply to all sex toys, not just those made by LELO!). And don’t forget to follow LELO on Twitter to check out their giveaways all day today! To celebrate this day, they are giving away a set of Luna Beads, a Mona 2 and an Ida. (Scroll down for more details.)

1. Look for certifications, avoid fakes
The pleasure product industry, like every industry, has its fraudsters who copy popular products, produce them cheaply and cut all the corners to make a profit. You can steer clear of these products by checking certification and buying from reputable retailers. Check the box also for the phrase “novelty use only” — it’s basically the same as saying “we are not accountable for the safety of this product.”

2. Never, ever settle for second best
When it comes to issues of intimacy, pleasure and health, you shouldn’t compromise. Don’t buy a cheap pleasure product because it looks like an affordable version of a more trustworthy brand. It’s just not worth the risk.

3. Keep your toys clean
Love your pleasure products and they’ll love you back. Treat them well, and they’ll treat you well. Wash them before using them, store them properly, check the materials for breaks, and use anti-bacterial wipes.

4. Sharing is caring, but…
If you’re sharing toys in the heat of the moment, it’s best to cover them with a condom and replace it each time. It’s just good sense, really.

5. Avoid the jellies!
A little knowledge goes a long way when it comes to using pleasure products. For example, the “jelly rubber” many sex toys have been made of is a material that’s been treated with one of any number of plastic softeners, or “phthalates.” Phthalates are potentially harmful, even carcinogenic. It’s that kind of information that will help you make the right buying decision and keep you safe.

6. Choose silicone…
Silicone is a remarkable material, resistant to bacteria and widely used by the most reputable brands in the pleasure product industry. Smooth, comfortable for use and easy to clean, it’s generally a sign the manufacturer is doing things right. Just avoid the sticky kind of silicone, which can attract dust.

7… and pay attention to glass and metals
While these products are excellent for cleaning, make sure any glass products of high-quality and perfectly smooth, while be sure to avoid any metals that may cause allergic reactions.

8. Read Reviews
Go online and check out what people are saying about the pleasure products you’re interested in. There’s a massive online community of sex toy bloggers and reviewers who can be trusted to give you all the information you could need.

9. Website
Make sure you check out the website of the brand who produces your sex toys. If they haven’t invested in a website, perhaps they won’t invest in safety either.

10. Nose-Testing purely for pleasure
And not to forget the pleasure aspect, if you are browsing for products in your local store, try looking like a professional and raising gently to your nose like a wine connoisseur. If the vibrations are strong enough to make you want to sneeze, it’s likely to bring full satisfaction when used elsewhere.