Why It’s No Big Deal If Your Boyfriend Masturbates…Like, a Lot

Reader Chris said the following in response to our post “Why Do Men Masturbate When They’re in a Relationship?” We have to say, we really dig his idea of not “borrowing trouble” when it comes to a relationship. There are so many real issues that you will have to deal with over the course of a long-term relationship…so what your partner does with his or her own hand/mind/imagination while you’re not there really shouldn’t make the list.

Wow. Just wow ladies. I’m sorry but I have to call a lot of y’all out in that I’m betting most of y’all searched and found this post because you were ACTIVELY looking for a place to take your anger out that you “caught” your guy… masturbating?? For all of the comments I’m reading, all I have to say is that it really seems like y’alls confidence is wayyyyy too co-dependent on your partner. There wouldn’t be so many male species flamers here if it wasn’t so.

I’ll explain, sometimes we feel like doing it the normal way of intercourse. In-between these times depending on what you like, your body, etc., you as a man will have a varying degree of an urge to wank one out for multiple reasons… Absence of partner for longer than hour, wanting to explore the fantasy your too embarrassed to share, simply just wanting to have an orgasm without the hassle, it has been two weeks since any sexual experience and the wind blows your pants just the right way to rub your member just the right way and then you see 90 year old Bertha’s skirt get pounded by the breeze that just gave you a 3/4ths chub and saw the ankle of the original ankle model… It all varies from guy to guy.

If it is all masturbation and no sex and he will not explain why, then yeah, something is wrong. Just because a guy masturbates a lot in a relationship and barely has sex with you doesn’t mean he is selfish or pathetic, perhaps he could be going through a period of depression (what was my case with my beautiful wife). Seriously, just respect and support him, unless it is blatant that he is a selfish ass of the jack. Don’t punish him if anything, or you may likely push thing’s especially y’alls sexual intimacy farther apart by interrupting his time. I’m not saying men should be allowed to get away with ignoring their partners at all. I’m just defending all the men out there in monogamous relationships who would never DARE physically cheat on the one they love and still masturbate. Picturing other women via. porn or mental… just don’t borrow trouble gal’s, it seems pretty damn normal now. If both of you were happy until you found out he masturbated and you came here to rant, once again, stop borrowing trouble. Do any of us really want to go into each other’s minds now? Your intrusively entering your guys private time to himself that he may be embarrassed about etc., stop finding reasons to be mad, please, and just be accepting and loving.

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