Wise Guys: How Do Guys Feel About Lube?

photo by Mike Goren

Advice from three of EMandLO.com’s guy friends. This week they answer the following: “How do guys feel about lube? Like if a new partner brings some to bed…? Intimidated? Grateful? Psyched? And how common is it for guys to have their own lube as a handy accessory for partner play?” To ask the guys your own question, click here.

Straight Married Guy (Irad Eyal): When a girl has lube in her bedside drawer, it makes me happy. Happy because she was thinking about sex at some point in the recent past. Happy because she knows her body. Happy because I’m no longer solely responsible for her secretion of plasma ultrafiltrate and mucus (Google it). But despite all that, I’ve never packed lube of my own, even as a married man, and I think it’s because lube bears a crutch-like stigma. A guy can’t bring a girl lube because that might insult her crippled vagina. Or his bedroom skillz. Either way, it’s a sticky situation.

terence_100Gay Committed Guy (Terence): I love these pansexual questions. They gay answer is, “WTF? Um. Yeah!” The straight answer? As far as I know, every guy has some lube laying around for his own pleasure — probably in the same drawer as the condoms, so it’s just a matter of slip, slop, slap! (Note: That’s the Australian catchphrase for putting on sun block.)

Straight Single Guy (Colin Adamo): If there is a guy out there that doesn’t like lube, it’s probably because he hasn’t tried it yet. C’mon, we’re the sex that’s stereotyped as spending exorbitant amounts on extravagant cables to just to make our HD-TV picture slightly clearer. If you’re telling us there is something that can make sex that much better, we’re all over it. Hell, do a little pitch and we’ll wind up buying the luxury brands to one-up our buddies.

Do we all wish we could make you gush enough so that we finally have a reason to change our sheets? Sure. But we’re starting to understand the difference between internet porn and reality. These days a lot of guys have lube. It may not be a sleek bottle of your favorite brand, but there are a lot of us with at least a sample pack that we’d be willing to use if you asked.

Our “guys” are a rotating group of contributors. Irad Eyal is a writer, TV producer, and founder of celebrity gossip site Sexdegrees.netColin Adamo is a recent Yale grad and author/blogger behind Hooking Up & Staying Hooked, the only sex and relationships resource specifically for high school guys; and Terence is an American living in Sydney. To ask the guys your own question, click here.


  1. Lube is awesome. Always. It is never bad. The boy and I both work around 60 hours per week and I really believe the reason busy, exhausted people often avoid sex is because the idea of nuanced, time-consuming foreplay is daunting and intimidating. Lube (very quickly) slides you both right into a comfort zone! And I promise that frequent sex with a person you’re crazy about makes the stressful parts of life more bearable. Even 60 hour work weeks.

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