Wise Guys: What Are the Best Condoms for Men?

Advice from three of our guy friends. This week they answer the following: “What are the best condoms for guys? And please don’t say the imaginary kind. We want brand names…”

daniel_100Gay Single Guy (Daniel): Don’t be surprised that the best condoms are made by the Japanese. The two best are Crown Skinless Skin Condoms and Beyond Seven Condoms, both made by Okamoto. Crown is extra thin and feels like you don’t have anything on, and Beyond Seven are made from Sheerlon, a kind of latex that can be made thinner than regular rubber without compromising strength.

anonymous_suitStraight Married Guy (Fred): I’m not exactly a connoisseur of condoms these days (being married and all), but from my experience it would have to be Durex Extra Sensitive. Hands down. They’re the closest thing to wearing nothing that I found. It appears Durex has something else called Sensi Thin which sounds pretty good, too. When last I checked, Trojans were like being wrapped with duct tape. I’ve never tried lambskin ’cause that’s nasty.

colin_adamo_100Straight Single Guy (Colin Adamo): In May I graduate from college. I’ll have to start cooking for myself, paying rent and — gasp — paying for my own condoms. For most of my sexually active tenure I’ve employed whatever my university decides should be distributed en masse in baggies attached to bulletin boards in residential buildings. I have a laundry list of condoms to try down the road — Trojan’s Twists, their new Ecstasy brand, Proper Attire Dots Condoms, Lifestyle’s Tuxedo, my most favoritely-marketed Strapped Condoms (stay strapped!), and basically everything in Babeland’s luxury condom display. But to this point my prophylactic experience has been limited to a handful of condoms that have my varying degree of approval.

When it comes to using condoms you should have the same mentality as Goldilocks. Try a bit of whatever is around until you find the one that’s just right. There is no guy out there that really enjoys wearing condoms (having written that, a few will now probably post that they enjoy knowing they respect and care for their partner enough to protect them yadda yadda), but you might as well be using what’s most comfortable while still keeping you safe.

It may be that Durex Extra Strength condoms are only meant for incredibly rough anal sex. If you’re not participating in this act there is no need to be using a condom as thick as a Scottish sweater. If you are, congratulations.

Stay away from Trojan’s Extended Pleasure if possible. Use if you really have problems with premature ejaculation and have the unceasing boner of a 13-year-old boy asked to go to the board in Math Class. If these descriptions do not apply to you, using one of these will only make the encounter frustratingly unsensational or deflate you like a droopy balloon-animal.

Only go for Magnums if you feel like you truly don’t fit in regular sizes. These condoms are sort of like drinking Kristal — when you bring it out everyone knows you’re a baller, even if there are in actuality probably better tasting champagnes (or better feeling condoms).

I think the Love condoms that Durex puts out are an incredibly solid choice — despite the ridiculously cheesy name. Great lubrication, comfy fit, good sensation.

Finally, practice (before hand, maybe on the tested and true ripe banana) putting a condom on your partner. As one of those things that functions with a penis (usually referred to as a “man”), trust me when I say it’s much more fun if you do it for us.

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  1. a lot of misconceptions in this article 😉
    Trojan Magnum is not really that bigger (just slightly)
    various studies proven that best fitting condom significantly reduces condom breakage and slippage
    If you want to find out more about this visit:

  2. lol for the above comment, japanese condoms are not just made for the japanese, they are the condom providers that have proved to be the safest no matter where they export to. personally durex have always been the better brand for me.

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