Wise Guys: What Do Men Really Think About Cuddling?

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Advice from three of EMandLO.com’s guy friends. This week they answer the following: “What do men really think about cuddling?” To ask the guys your own question, click here.

Gay Married Guy (Jon Ross): Cuddling is the most amazing thing in the world to do after you’ve come — after having a cigarette or possibly eating a cookie. There is nothing like snuggling up to that person you’ve just had amazing sex with as you drift off to blissful sleep. Of course, if you’re horned up or didn’t come during your little romp, there are few things more frustrating than when your man wants to cuddle and all you wanna do is bang it out dirty style. But overall, I would put cuddling squarely in the “things in life that totally rock” category — and I think most men would too, even if they might be a bit hesitant to admit it.

Straight Single Guy (Adam): It’s hard to make a declaration on behalf of all straight single guys as to what they think of cuddling. However, would you like to guess who likes cuddling, is in touch enough with his feelings to admit it, and — as you can tell from his profile photo — has at least one thumb? This guy!  I personally enjoy cuddling, I really really do, if it’s A) with the right girl and B) not being done while watching any movie starring Sarah Jessica Parker (except Space Camp, because who doesn’t love that flick?).  In fact, I’ve found that my desire level for cuddling can be a good barometer for how much I’m actually into a girl.  If it’s low, that usually means something isn’t right with the relationship.  If it’s high, it means I’m probably going to regret the day I eventually screw it up. P.S. I do have a second thumb.

Straight Married Guy (David Jacobs): Cuddling’s okay when it’s cold. Pretty nice to have a warm body next to you, and it occasionally leads to a little hanky-panky, which is of course a bonus. Post-coitus it’s alright as well, though by then both parties are usually a little sweaty and would rather stretch out and claim some space to cool down and recuperate. Body contact at that juncture usually consists of a stray crossed limb or whatnot. Cuddling? Not so much. I suppose once temperatures have stabilized it’s ok again, but by then someone (me!) is often drifting off, in which case it does’t really last long anyway — at least not that I’m aware of. So generally speaking, what’s my take on cuddling? No strong feelings for or against. When it’s not a nuisance it can be nice, but in limited quantities. I wouldn’t want to spend all day doing it!

Our “guys” are a rotating group of contributors. This week’s Straight Married Guy is David Jacobs, a NYC-based photographer; our Gay Married Guy is Jon Ross, who works for a network news program and lives in Brooklyn with his husband and two dogs; and our Straight Single Guy is Adam, a lawyer and native Floridian in his early thirties. To ask the guys your own question, click here.

One Comment

  1. Cuddling? Not when I’m sweaty.

    But otherwise? Oh yeah.

    I mean, check it out. If you’re a parent chances are you cuddle the dickens out of your children. If only when they skin their knees or have bad dreams (though if that’s the only time you’re still missing out.)

    Point being that cuddling isn’t in the same dimension as sex. A sensual experience, yes absolutely. Fine with a sex partner, sure. But also fine with decidedly non-sex partners like kids, puppies, and even the occasional stuffed animal.

    More evidence that cuddling and sex aren’t in the same dimension? Cuddling may not be very much fun when you’re sweaty, but sex still is.

    Mmmm, sex.

    Mmmm, cuddling.

    Fun when you can do both. But still fun when done completely separately.


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