1. You can set a clock by my fiance and I’s lovemaking. Lasts 45 min, give or take a few every time. No matter if we’re “making love” or having “dirty” sex, it’s 45 min! We’ve been at it almost daily for over a year now and it’s always the same amount of time, which is just right!

  2. My lover ad I usually spend around thirty minutes ‘playing’, usually fitting it in between our work schedules. This time encompasses both penile penetration as well as foreplay. He used to be quite the giving lover but now I’ve spoiled him so I take what I can get, I’m rambling… But my point being that I think the answer to this question is very relative, and not very easily answered with an A. ,B. ,or C.

  3. Well my biyfriend is a quick 5 minute man, he never wants to kiss before or anything.I don’t know why though. But, I think it should be like 30 minutes i mean out a little work in it would ya!

  4. My lover and me don’t have a rigid sex routine. Sometimes we plan for an exciting evening, sometimes we’re really spontaneous. It helps to have an active imagination and a willingness to explore new things (without going to extremes)! We just basically want to please each other while making our own needs met. It can be anywhere from 5 min. to an hour and it’s almost always incredible!

  5. Over an hour is great, depending on the person. If you constantly change positions and keep it exciting then why settle for less. Once it gets boring though, enough is enough.

  6. well persaonally i hate long sex i want it to be abt the most 20 mins after tht it becomes painful & i totally lack intrest

  7. i think its best when its more than an hour. it include kissing, necking, and whatever. ha ha ha, most of all making love on a very slow motion or slow facing is the best.

  8. I can that sex it last an hour…coz ders a romance involve for that being a girl its nice first id being romance rather than to sex immedietly…

  9. nothing over 40 mins. then it gets too hot and you mouth is dry.. i can see sex intervels like have sex for 10 mins, then relax and go again and again all day.. but if its a 4 hour session your vajayjay is gonna be sore. lol

  10. UG, I massacred that post. (Didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.)

    I meant to say “Single French” usually means fellatio, and “Double French” means either what is refereed to as “69” also, Double French means both parties give and receive oral sex sometime during the Date, either at the same time, or one at a time. Yes, I was referring to terms used in our area by Sex Workers.

  11. It’s all good, EM&Lo! 🙂 You all know I use the comment section.

    Y’all asked me: “Madamoiselle: When you say “pros use ‘double French’” do you mean 69 professionals say this? And how does one become qualified? Or are you referring to sex workers?”

    I was referring to sex worker terms. Often, in our area, “Single French” is fellatio, and “Double French” refers to 69 or other ways of both getting oral sex (or even one at a time) at the same time.

    Something really bugs me about the term “69” maybe it was the way High School boys misused it when I was a kid (some few boys thought it just meant “sex” and too many people use the numbers, while snickering, in their hotmail accounts, also) But, yes, we need a new term for it.

  12. Trillie and Madamoiselle: Apologies, we know that a multiple-choice poll can’t possibly capture all the intricacies of sex. That’s what this comment section is for. 🙂 Trillie, we suppose you could choose the number for the kind of sex you have most often. Or you could just abstain and vote with sentences in the comment section, as you did.

    Madamoiselle: When you say “pros use ‘double French'” do you mean 69 professionals say this? And how does one become qualified? Or are you referring to sex workers? Just curious! In the meantime, perhaps we should hold a contest to rename the 69…

  13. This is hard to answer. My Man and I do not follow a “foreplay, intercourse, resolution” protocol when we have sex.

    We may start out with hugging and kissing or start out with one of us surprising and then assaulting the other with their mouth or a toy. We may progress to oral sex, or manual stimulation or a combination. We may have “intercourse” for a few minutes, then go back to oral sex, “69” (any body have a better word for this? Pros use “double French” but most people don’t know what this is.) Then some toy play, then, maybe anal last, or with a nice warm wash cloth in the room who knows?

    We rarely go to intercourse and just stay there.

    As a rule, sex lasts, for us between one and two hours. We occasionally have a quickie in the morning, or very late at night, if one of us wakes up horny.

    I really can’t answer the question, though, as our repertoire is not linear.

  14. Where is the “sometimes 5 minutes is great, sometimes 40 minutes is not enough” option? :o)

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