Your Call: How Much of a Factor Is Height in Male Attractiveness?

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Dear Em & Lo,

I read a study that said 71% of women will not look at a guy if he is under 6 foot tall. I read another study that said men who are 5’9 and under have more sex than men who are 6 foot and up. Any idea on who’s lying here? If women are attracted to men who are only 6 foot plus, then why is the average U.K height for a man 5’9? Surely, shorter and/or weaker men, should have died out by now…?

– ISO Perspective

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  1. With the exception of three men I’ve dated, the rest have been 5’7″ to 5’9″ (and that’s somewhere in the neighborhood of about ten men). I am just under 5’5″, so by no means extremely short for a woman. Generally, I find myself naturally attracted to SHORTER men less than 6′.

    Benefits to dating shorter men:
    -Holding hands isn’t awkward while walking.
    -Kissing doesn’t break your neck.
    -You aren’t as afraid of being crushed when they lie on top of you.
    -Shorter men seem to be better in bed (in my experience anyway) LOL

  2. This is one of those situations where you look at a “study”, compare it to statistics, and just have to call bullshit. A world where that study is true would be unworkable. Putting too much credence in it only serves to give other people the power to make you feel bad about something you can’t change. I wouldn’t want to give someone that power.

  3. HA! Bullshit.

    Short guy here, reporting that I’ve always done just fine. If you’ve got a thing for tall women you’re mostly out of luck, sorry to say, but other than that, don’t worry about it.

    Most women just want a guy who’s taller than them. Many will make an exception for a guy who’s the same height as them. Occasionally a short guy even winds up with a taller woman.

    I mean, I’m not one to console myself with delusion: it’s not ideal to be short. Taller is better in female eyes. But what are you gonna do, roll over and die? Join a monastery and swear off women?

    Here’s what you do to compensate for being short:

    – stand up straight. Don’t exaggerate or puff up or anything, but good posture helps.

    – mind the aspects of your appearance that you can control. Shower, get hair cuts, wear clean well-fitting clothes, etc.

    – hit the gym. Being tubby in the middle makes you look shorter.

    – smile, be open and friendly and flirtatious.

    That’s my method.

    One last inspirational word. A buddy of mine used to be a professional pickup coach. I’d hit the town with him sometimes. He was seriously short. Shorter than me, and I’m short. But he had great style and he was confident as hell and he got blowjobs in the bathroom sometimes. Never replicated his results myself, but, you know, just giving you a target to aim for.

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