Your Call: How to Seduce a Woman

We recently published a post on this site called “7 Ways to Seduce a Straight Guy.” And a bunch of you wrote in saying, okay, now tell us how to seduce a woman! So we’re turning this one over to you: Tell us, what’s the best way seduce a woman? FYI, the tips in the aforementioned article mostly assumed that the attraction was already mutual, and that may help to focus your tips, i.e. let’s talk about the best way to seduce a girlfriend or wife, as opposed to some random lady on the dance floor. Share your suggestions in the comments section below!


  1. I work with guys all day long so being manhandled isn’t something that turns me on. Like the post before when a guy treats me as if I’m glass and breakable that there is a MAJOR turn on! It lets me know that he wants to take his time with me and drive me as crazy as he can along the way until I can’t handle it any longer.

  2. All of the above are good answers but I can’t help but love when my guy comes up behind me wrapping his arms around me and just lightly kissing the nape of my neck before he man handles me. There’s something about those few genital moments before he takes control that are like throwing a match in the gas can.

  3. Seduction is the act of convincing someone to let you see them naked. I just love that!

  4. I have to agree that being manhandled a bit is super hot. Getting picked up against the wall for a makeout sesh, being thrown down on the bed, clothes being ripped off, the no questions asked style is hot for a couple that has already developed consensual bounds.

  5. to quote a lover of mine… seduction is all about making the other person want it. to make them remember the last time they had it and make them want it so bad they can feel it, so bad they can taste it.
    and i don’t know about you other ladies, but i love it when my guy is turned on to the point that he almost can’t stand it. its so hot. being in control is a total turn on but then when the tables are suddenly turned and he’s in complete control, its enough to make a girl explode 🙂

  6. To piggyback on the above comment, the best way to seduce a woman is to make her feel desired. So don’t hold back on your enthusiasm to get in her pants! Tear of her knickers, manhandle her (with some care of course), spend as much time as you possibly can teasing her until she begs you to stop fooling around and just put it in her!

    I’d better stop before I get carried away

  7. Nothing turns me on more than feeling sexy (and dirty). So I think the guy breaking out the camera while his woman plays a bit of sexy dress-up is definitely a ticket to bliss. Which doesn’t mean the camera goes away either. Make your own porn! That way for the next seduction, you can place the nicely framed photos (8×10) around the room with some low lighting, and turn her on all over again.

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