Comment of the Week: Not ALL Men Like Getting BJs

Nordica recently responded to the post “Dear Em & Lo, I HATE Receiving Blowjobs,” with a comment that might be music to some givers’ ears:

Anyone who thinks ALL men like BJs is believing a false-narrative.

I’m a dude, and I hate, I mean, HATE getting BJs. Not due to religious reasons, teeth, trust, insecurities, history of bad BJs, etc. No, it’s simply because it isn’t what turns me on. They do quite the opposite, actually.

Imagine being in the throws of passion then suddenly your partner stops abruptly, sits up, and wants to talk politics or current-events. It’s like getting hit with a cold shower. THAT is what it’s like for me if my partner decides to get “creative” and go down on me.

For me, BJs lack intimacy, and they’re far too passive/boring to be a turn-on for me. “Lay back and relax” they say. Well I actually went flaccid as I fell asleep once during one especially long drawn-out attempt when my date insisted that I “just needed to have one by a woman who knows what she is doing”.

Rather than relive that experience, I now let women off the hook up front, by directly stating from the very beginning that BJs are not my thing. Honestly, every woman I’ve been with that I’ve stated this to has seemed relieved as they ALL admit to me how much they hate giving them.

Why do people think BJs are no big deal?
The Unbearable Lightness of Blowjobs

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