Top 10 Ways to Make Oral Sex More Fun for Both Partners

Our contributor Jewely Hoxie studied Human Sexuality at the University of California Santa Cruz. She has some words of wisdom to share about oral sex

Going down on someone is no easy task. And letting someone go down on you can be quite nerve-racking. Despite these potential oral sex setbacks, the experience can be, well, freakin’ awesome! Both partners deserve to enjoy the journey down south. Rather than focusing solely on techniques to please the receiver, I’m going to share some tips that will benefit both partners — how to improve your overall experience without having to change those special techniques that already work for you and your partner.

1. Educate Yourself

Know what the clitoris is, know what the perineum is, and know all your partner’s favorite spots. Without this knowledge, I don’t know how you’ve been going down on someone all these years. For reference: buy Em & Lo’s Sex: How To Do Everything.

2. Don’t Change What’s Already Good

We all know that moment when your partner is at the sweet spot going down on you with just the right rhythm and you have an overwhelming urge to vocally express your gratitude — but somehow that translates to faster, harder, etc. No, just no. If you’re the one going down, accept the praise and keep doing what you’re doing — don’t make your partner wish they never said anything.

3. Be Clean

This really should be common courtesy, but just as a friendly reminder: please wash your bodies and mouths thoroughly. Facial trimming helps prevent that rough sandpaper feeling against your partner’s sensitive parts. Trimming further down will make a clearer pathway — and remember, the less hair there is, the more skin there is to be touched! (That said, however, some people like playing with a little hair/having a little hair played with down there.)

4. Warn Them

A little warning before you ejaculate can build up excitement for the giver and more importantly, ease any anxiety about not knowing if you’re going to end up with sticky hair or running to spit in the sink.

5. Stock Up on Bedside Essentials

Like I said before, oral sex is no easy task. Luckily, there are a few tools I use to make my job a little easier.

  • Lubrication. I can’t say enough about how important lube is to our sex lives. Whether you’re feeling a little dry, you want to add some flavor, or you want to extend teasing foreplay, lube is your best friend. (See also My Top 6 Reasons to Love Lube and My Top 6 Favorite Lubes.)
  • Hair ties. For those of us with long locks, having a couple hair ties close by will keep your hair of out of your eyes and can also give your partner a better view of the show.
  • Tissues. Or wipes, for all around post-show clean-up.
  • A glass of water. For the inevitable dehydration/mouth drying.
  • Toys. Because a little helping hand never hurt anyone. A small vibrator for teasing, a cock ring, prostate massager, butt plug, nipple clamps, stimulating gel, mix and match, etc. Many things contribute to a good sex life, and creativity is one of them. Get inventive!

6. Try New Positions and Locations

Sure, a new tongue technique is fun to bust out, but sometimes you know what you like, and what you like works. When we masturbate we often engage in the same artistry that works best for us. Despite this seemingly monotonous routine, I still absolutely love every orgasm I have. So, instead of changing techniques for some novelty, change the position or location. Maybe do that move she loves, but while she’s on her side instead of her back. Go in an elevator, don’t press any buttons, and see how long you can go down on him before it starts moving again. Keep it interesting for both of you by switching up the routine.

7. Use Your Hands

There’s a reason Rabbit-style vibrators are the most popular toys for women — dual stimulation is where it’s at. Suck on her clitoris while you finger her. Give your partner’s tush a squeeze. And give yourself a helping hand if you don’t want to risk a deep throating gag reflex.

8. Mix in Masturbation

Be careful with this one. It can backfire if touching yourself while you are going down on your partner gets a little too distracting. However, masturbating can also get you more in the mood to please your partner, and those little moans you make can definitely be a turn on for the receiver.

9. Talk It Out

If you are familiar at all with Em & Lo’s advice, then you’ve probably heard enough about the importance of communication. And I’m here to tell you that you can never hear that enough. Pushing yourself to fully and honestly communicate with your partner is an ongoing practice in relationships. And it doesn’t stop in the bedroom.

  • Show your partner enthusiasm! The only time I don’t like going down on someone is when there is no indication of their enjoyment. What’s the point then? Show them how much you enjoy that twisting tongue, and you might wake up to your partner begging to go down on you. Flattery can get you anywhere, amiright?
  • Talk dirty. It’s great for a libido boost, an ego boost, and a hot way to tell your partner what is it you are really enjoying. Note: A critical, in depth analysis during sexy time of what they are doing wrong for you is not the biggest turn on.
  • Debrief afterwards. This is (embarrassing/geekily) one of my favorite parts about getting it on. This makes for a nice time to share what you really liked, to compliment, and to critique. If you weren’t super into something that your partner did, they deserve to know. This is really about learning how to have the best sex you can with one another. Everyone likes something different.

10. Remember the Golden Rule!

As mentioned above, thank your partner in all all the appropriately dirty ways you see fit. If you are tired after that mind-exploding orgasm they just gave you, don’t sweat it — but ensure that next time, it’s all about them.



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  1. Because of those kinds of articles, I keep on reading online blogs! I never tried sex toys while doing oral sex, but now I have something new that I want to try, thanks for the tips!

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  3. I think #2 is very important. If I’m saying “yes yes” I don’t want anything to change! 😉

  4. great tips. I really love the warn them tip. In today’s culture of facials it’s still good SEXiquette to tell your lover when it’s almost time to duck or swallow.

  5. great tips. I really love the warn them tip. In todays culture of facialsit’s still good SEXiquette to tell your lover when it’s almost time to duck or swallow.

  6. You mentioned the Golden Rule, which is of course the bee’s knees. But in my other life as a working small business owner I ran across some advice in a BNI group (not as kinky as it… ok, not even remotely kinky.)

    According to some business networking guru the one thing better for givers than the Golden Rule is the Platinum Rule: Do unto others as they wish to be done unto.”

    This has at least one obvious advantage over the Golden Rule and at least one not-so-obvious one. Obviously if while going down on your partner you do exactly what your partner wants done she or he will get off like something between fireworks and a fire hose.

    What’s not so obvious, and why I think it’s brilliant when brought to sex, is that the Golden Rule requires no communication! You just do what you would have them do unto you and hope it works for them too. Right?

    The Platinum Rule, however, requires that you actually learn what works for them. Now fortunately, unlike business networking, there’s a lot more room for learning by trial and error. But, like business networking, there are some huge advantages to… um… asking. Listening to the answer. And (yikes!) asking follow-up questions based on those answers.

    Because (especially with something like oral where everyone “knows” bad oral is better than no oral at all… even though sometimes it isn’t) it might take a couple of tries to get them past “Oh, I don’t know hon, whatever, it all feels good.”

    Anyway, that’s my pitch for the Platinum Rule in oral sex, and other kinds of sex, and even completely non-sexual things we do for others: if you really want to rock someone’s socks off, remember the other four letter word for intercourse is “talk.”


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