Poll: What Are Your Instant Orgasm Killers?

Imagine you’re on the uphill path to physical bliss, whether traveling alone or with a partner…you’re almost at the edge of that climactic cliff! We want to know what it would take to trip you up, to send you falling backwards down the hill, never to see that potential orgasm again (at least not in this session). A phone call, a phone call from your mother, a pet staring at you, hearing your kids in the other room, your partner suddenly attempting dirty talk…and failing, an uncontrollable thought about some life stress, the doorbell, an ill-timed toot….? We want specifics! Not only the hypothetical (what you imagine would be a definite deal breaker), but also anything that has actually stalled your O-engine in the past.

Leave your orgasm killers in the comments section below!

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6 years 1 month ago
I have a few… Phone calls (always put phones on silent first), hearing roommates upstairs (although that can, and has, gone either way), feeling frustrated with myself for just not getting there quick enough and annoying intrusive thoughts (i.e. stress about work and life in general). Oh and a big one, being told to keep it down a bit or knowing that I can’t be as loud as I need to be. I concentrate too much on keeping quiet that I lose everything. But really, these things are only a bother if there hasn’t been enough foreplay. If I’m really… Read more »