Your Call: Should She Share Her Fantasies?

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Dear Em & Lo,
I’ve got some naughty fantasies, the likes of which sometimes even freak me out a little: you know, crazy stuff I think about to help get me off, but stuff I’d never do in real life. I’m torn between telling my husband and just keeping them to myself. If I tell him, sharing something like that could bring us closer and spice up our sex life. But it could also make him think I’m a weirdo and/or he could poke fun and/or I could be forever mortified. Keeping them to myself means I get something truly my own, for my me-time. I just sometimes feel like I’m not being totally myself with him by not opening up. What do you think?
— Of Two Dirty Minds

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I think you should confess a ‘mild’ fantasy to him, and see what he thinks and says about it. If he reacts positively, then be brave and gradually build it up, telling him some more daring fantasies. If he doesn’t react positively, this does not make you a freak! Everyone likes different things, and you can be suprised by what some people like. For instance, I remember telling my friend that I like the whole BDSM thing, and it turns out that she likes it too, then she added that she likes the rape fantasy, as do I. Infact, it… Read more »
I don’t think it’s a matter of how secure your relationship is or whether your sex life needs spicing up or not! Whether you tell depends solely on whether you want (or hope) your other half to get involved. Some of my fantasies work well with partner participation (eg sex in a public place), and those fantasies I’ll tell. Others – like the ubiquitous rape fantasy – I don’t want in reality and I don’t even want to act it out. It’s purely a fantasy and can only occur in my mind. So I don’t spoil it by telling. So… Read more »
You know your guy right? if you tell him you want to have sex with 2 guys and have him watch… what is he going to say, will he forever walk around not trusting you because you told him this Or will he say hey, I know these 2 guys and they can be here in 5… or will he confess he has fantasys of having sex with the babysitter and then you will have a hang up… you know what your guy can handle… just tell him your tamer ones, middle of the road ones that maybe the 2… Read more »
Recently my guy told me some of his fantasies, and altho I do not fantasise, I do at least daydream very imaginatively. Now ( since I feel that it is a healthy and natural thing for the male of the species to do)I am feeling that his fantasies are something I,d like to share with him. I do not understand why some females get up tight about it , its not something you should put under a microscope. Accept it and your guy will never stray, knock it and he be looking elsewhere.

I say let him in on it, only because if it’s something that you think about it while you’re having your Me Time, and it helps you “finish” your Me Time, how much greater would it be to actually be enjoying the act that has supplied you with so many naughty, wonderful thoughts!


The irony is that guys tend to be even more nervous about ‘fessing up with fantasies, possibly because of the whole fragile ego thing. Odds are that if you test the waters a bit, you’ll find he’s got some ideas of his own that he’d love to be able to share with you… if he could get past the fear.

Of course, if you DO mention something, I’d advise it be something you really would like to try, and that you allow space for him to reciprocate 🙂


use some reverse psychology to test the waters first. ‘what’s your opinion on threesomes/anal sex/outdoor play etc’ or whatever your fantasy happens to be and see what his reaction is so you know how to approach the matter :).