3 Great Love Rings from LELO

Rings worn around the penis for sexual enhancement were once the sole domain of hardcore kinksters donned in studded black. The rings were either leather or, more dangerously, metal, and had a vibe that was decidedly UN-lovey-dovey.

We’ve come a long way, baby! The democratization of sexual accessories means not only higher quality and more variety, but more mainstream accessibility and appeal. After all, why should leather-clad BDSM-lifestylers get all the fun? Suburban married couples want to have fun, too. And by fun, we mean harder, longer-lasting, and more sensitive erections and clitoral stimulation during intercourse!

So today there are a plethora of love rings or “couple’s rings” or “penis rings” or, as they were originally — and less tactfully — termed, “cock rings.” You can even get cheap disposable ones at your local drug store!  But true to elegant form, our friends at LELO have elevated this particular sex accessory, just as they have with the vibrator and the butt plug and the handcuffs and . . . the list goes on. They’ve turned the dirty cock ring into a thing of beauty, without sacrificing any naughtiness.

All three of LELO‘s love rings below include the following fabulous features:

  • Soft, body-safe material
  • Fully Rechargeable (great for the environment)
  • 100% Waterproof (great for the bath or shower)
  • 6 to 8 Pre-Programmed Pleasure Settings (from a teasing murmur to a satisfying pulse)
  • Can be worn around the shaft either up or down for various sensations

1. TOR 2

TOR is LELO’s most affordable, straight-forward ring with 6 Pleasure Settings — a great introduction to this particular world of penile pleasure. $139

2. PINO 2

The PINO 2 is the next step up: It has 8 Pleasure Settings and comes with a set of Signature Cufflinks and an Embossed Money Clip that cheekily reads ‘Always Be Closing.’ Please note: You do NOT have to be a banker to enjoy it. $189

3. ODEN 2

The ODEN 2 is LELO’s ultimate love ring. It comes with two intergchangeable bases to guarantee comfort and pleasure for all sizes and tastes, as well as a SenseMotion™ remote which allows you to adjust intensity with the flick of a wrist, letting you change sensations without interruption. $199

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