8 Tips for Getting Over a Breakup from the Inside Out

Reader Sam said the following in response to our post, “How to Get Over a Breakup (in 10 Easy Steps)”:

I’m going through an awful breakup — years of addictive patterning, back and forth etc etc. I think tackling it as a physical, spiritual and emotional issue works best.

1) Immediately find a grief and loss therapist, find someone who understands the enormity of the pain for you. Validation will heal you quickly.

2) Take responsibility for your part in it so you aren’t lost in victimhood for months, only to fall into the same relationship with someone else.

3) Avoid booze or drugs or anything that will impair your judgement and may lead to makeup sex etc…it’s only prolonging the inevitable.

4) If you are going to come back together, you will, don’t push it, just take care of yourself.

5) Grief is stored in the body, so find something that will help release it, even many things, like Five Rhythms (dance therapy, look into it), hypnotherapy, kinesiology, walking, yoga, running, infrared sauna, anything that will soothe, release, and heal.

6) Listen your way out: go to websites like Soundstrue and download any audio that will help you process and heal your pain and put it in perspective — talks, music, whatever appeals to you.

7) Get into probiotics, they will literally change your world.

8) Be your own best friend. Don’t do anything that will leave you more vulnerable, financially, emotionally, physically. Remember, you existed before this person, and you will continue, fall in love, laugh, cry…you’ll do it all again.

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